The Best Asian Heritage Trailblazers To Follow On TikTok

Covering beauty to cooking to disability advocacy.

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For the uninitiated, TikTok is so much more than jokes and viral dances. The app is home to a breadth of educational and lifestyle content, bringing the best of beauty, fashion, cooking, advocacy, and more straight to your phone. It’s also a fabulous place to learn about other cultures, which is why TikTok is celebrating its Asian and Pacific Islander community with its inaugural API Trailblazer list. Ahead, you’ll find the best API creators across all genres — get to clicking.

@inmyseams - Fashion & Inclusivity

Janette Ok is all about style hacks and makeup, focusing on diversity, size inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and advocating the beauty of her Korean heritage.

@Sulheejessica - Food & Family

Jessica Woo’s love of food is the backbone of her content, from assembling bento-style lunches to creating healthy meals.

@Onlinekyne - Beauty & LGBTQ+

Kyne isn’t like other a drag queens — she’s a drag queen in STEM! Kyne uses TikTok to spread her enthusiasm for education, math, and diversity and inclusion in STEM. And it doesn’t hurt that she has a bachelor of mathematics degree with an emphasis in mathematical finance from the University of Waterloo.

@Imtiffanyyu - Wellness & Disability

Tiffany Yu has quite the resume. She’s a podcast host, disability advocate, the CEO and Founder of Diversability, the founder of the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter, and a serving member on the San Francisco Mayor’s Disability Council. As a disabled person herself, she uses her TikToks to advocate for the disability community, covering internalized ableism, representation, and so much more.

@8illy - Editing & Filmography

Billy is a video editing whiz with TikToks that transport you to mesmerizing new worlds.

@Tiffycooks - Food & Cooking

First-generation Taiwanese immigrant and food blogger Tiffany is your go-to creator when it comes to easy, delicious, and quick Asian recipes she learned from growing up in a foodie household and during her travels across Asia.

@Thekoreanvegan - Cooking & Vegan Lifestyle

Trial lawyer Joanne Molinaro may not be giving legal counsel on TikTok, but she is dishing out popular plant-based recipes, stories about growing up as a child of immigrants, as well as empowering advice.

@YourKoreanDad - Lifestyle & Family

A specialty coffee small business owner in San Francisco, Nick Cho brings a unique Korean perspective to food, family, and humor on TikTok.

@Maugamu - Lifestyle

Five-time World Fireknife Champion Mikaele shares his Polynesian heritage with the world.

@elenashinohara - Sports Gymnastics

Elena Shinohara is a Japanese rhythmic gymnast on the U.S. National Team, so prepare to see her flex her astounding rhythmic gymnastics and general flexibility skills like it’s nothing.

@bellapoarch - Lifestyle

Not only did Bella Poarch snag the title for most watched TikTok video of 2020 with M to the B, but she’s also currently the third most followed TikTok creator in the world.

@Myhealthydish - Cooking

First generation Vietnamese immigrant My Nguyen brings an abundance of healthy, delicious recipes that are both entertaining and educational to TikTok. Get thee to the kitchen!

@Yayayayoung - Skincare

Who doesn’t want good skin? Young Yuh, aka the Egg King, brings his bubbly personality to the screen for entertaining and educational videos on how to get your best skin.

@milan.mathew - Beauty & Fashion

Milan Mathew combines her love for fashion and beauty with her South Asian heritage and also sparked the cultural version of the Hot Seat Challenge that trended across the app.

@Krithi.com - Comedy & Dance

Krithi Srinivas and her mother turned TikTok into their hub for quirky dances that loosely incorporated classical Indian dance. Not only are the moves on point, but they come with the added bonus of her subtle and sarcastic comedic style. It’s a win-win.

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