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10 Ways To Support The Protests Outside Of Bail Funds

Mutual aid funds and grassroots organizing form the backbone of our communities.

Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement is not only crucial for racial justice, but also super easy. If you’re not able to use your body to protest, there are plenty of ways to get involved though opening your purse.

Now that many bail funds around the country are asking people to redirect their money due to an overwhelming amount of contributions, you may be wondering where else your support can be put to good use. In addition to bail funds, mutual aid and community-oriented funds are doing critical work on the day-to-day scale to support protestors and Black lives. Swipe through to see 10 places where your donation can make a difference.

Your local mutual aid fund

The volunteer-run mutual aid network assists vulnerable residents of your neighborhood by delivering groceries, providing meals and more. Find a mutual aid organization to support in your city here.

Peace and Healing for Darnella Fund

Darnella Frazier is the 17-year-old who recorded the footage of the racist murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police. Despite Frazier’s footage serving as the catalyst for the nationwide protests, she’s being viciously harassed online. Frazier played a massive role in our current racial justice movement, and the fund will aid in any healing and restoration she may need from the trauma. Donate here.

The Okra Project

The grassroots project fights food insecurity in the Black Trans community in New York City and Philadelphia. The Okra Project recently created the Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund, an emergency mutual aid fund to raise money to pay for one-time mental health therapy sessions with licensed Black women therapists. Donate here.

black trans protestors emergency fund

In partnership with For The Gworls, The Okra Collective, and Black Travel Fund, the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts is raising emergency funds for Black trans protestors. In the event that these funds don’t need to be used, it will be redistributed to Black trans-led orgs doing the work to minimize violence against Black trans people. Donation information here.

black visions collective

The Minnesota-based organization works to create long-term change for the Black community in the Twin Cities metro area and across the state. Donate here.


The pre-natal and postpartum collective is donating care packages for Black mothers in Chicago, including diapers, baby soap, formula, children’s clothing, and more.

Chicago is one of many cities that has seen some of the most aggressive police retaliation during this round of protests. See details here.

Playground coffee shop

This POC-owned coffee shop serving the Bed-Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn is making and distributing sustainable kits for protest sites across the city. Masks, goggles, water, snacks, and first aid supplies are crucial for protestors to access to as they continue to fight to dismantle the racist white supremacist system. See details here.

Disability Justice Mutual Aid Fund

The short-term mutual aid fund will assist disabled organizers from June 3rd -June 16th 2020, with any leftover funds going to mutual aid projects in NYC. More information here.

homeless black trans women fund

Donations aid homeless Black trans women living in Atlanta, and have so far provided food, shelter, cell phones, and other emergency aid. The city of Atlanta historically has few resources for trans women. Donate here.

People's breakfast Oakland

People's Breakfast Oakland is a black socialist organization that has been operating in its local area since 2017. According to organizer and podcaster Blake Simons, the organization has fed over 20,000 black homeless folks in the area; they also run a farm and community learning program. Donate here.

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