A24’s On The Dance Floor Is Its Most Fun Coffee Table Book Yet

On The Dance Floor: Spinning Out on Screen is an ode to the discos, raves, parties, and dance floors of iconic films.

A24 is churning out gorgeous coffee table books nearly as fast as the studio is churning out bespoke films that prioritize aesthetics and grey-area feelings over anything else. Now, the studio that brought us such recent gems as Red Rocket and Bodies Bodies Bodies is back with another coffee table book — this time, about dance and film. A24
Sashaying and voguing through the sweaty corners of discos, raves, proms, and house parties, ON THE DANCE FLOOR: Spinning Out on Screen captures dance in film through photography, interviews, excerpts, party flyers, and contributions from nightlife royalty and dance world legends across its 424 pages.A24
One of these legends? Cher herself, who wrote the forward. “I don’t know if there was a time when I thought, ‘Boy, I really feel confidence now.’ It just happened,” Cher writes. “While performing makes me really happy, I’m always frightened to go on stage. But there's something special about a dance floor. It’s like a way to take yourself off this planet.”A24
Charli XCX, Lizzy Goodman (the bona fide historian of indie sleaze), Jeremy Atherton Lin (author of Gay Bar: Why We Went Out, Robert Owens), Gabber Eleganza, and musician Fatima Al Qadiri all contributes section to the book’s “Dispatches from the Dance Floor” sections.A24
The book also features excerpts from Susan Sontag, Stephen King, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Spike Lee, along with interviews with the choreographers and dancers of Midsommar and Climax, writing from famed party girl Marlowe Granados, Papi Juice founder Mohammed Iman, and more, plus John Waters’ 2015 RISD Commencement address.A24
These legends discuss everything from the singular dance floors from Pulp Fiction, Fame, Do The Right Thing, and Phantom Thread to the role of dance in Carrie; West Side Story; The Virgin Suicides, and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and many more works.A24
On The Dance Floor: Spinning Out on Screen is available now in the A24 shop for $58. Disco ball not included.A24

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