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Emily Ratajkowski Adds Podcaster To Her Resumé

On High Low with EmRata, the model and author talks politics, philosophy, sex, pop culture, and more.

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Emily Ratajkowski has been baring herself for the camera for most of her life. Earlier this year she bared her soul in her memoir My Body — and now, she’s giving us the gift of gab with a podcast series: High Low with EmRata, which premieres on November 1.

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“I’m interested in marrying everything high and low brow by talking pop culture and happenings that may seem frivolous in a way that raises big questions,” Ratajkowski shares in the teaser trailer. She says she will talk everything from politics, philosophy, “and yes, feminism,” to TikTok and relationships.

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New episodes will be released a staggering three times a week. Every Tuesday, EmRata will host “intimate conversations” with special guests, including celebrities, authors, and her friends.

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In the week’s second episode, she’ll offer her take on current events and offer “thought provoking questions,” in more of a monologue-style that she describes as “somewhere in between an essay and a TikTok.” And finally, a subscriber-based episode will let listeners be a part of the show, as EmRata answers DMs and responds to comments.

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We don’t know what topics she’ll specifically be diving into yet, but one episode explores the idea of whether or not plastic surgery is feminist. “I’m naturally driven to women’s issues and thinking about power,” she told The Cut.

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In an interview with Variety, EmRata described her podcast as “Call Her Daddy meets Fresh Air,” and is inspired by everyone from Kara Swisher to Howard Stern, and even Joe Rogan.


“Obviously I don’t agree with his politics,” she said in the interview, “but there’s something there that really works. If you’re listening to somebody talk and the interviewer feels like they aren’t following the conversation in the way that a listener is, then it’s just not interesting — and Joe Rogan does listen.”

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EmRata also shared with The Cut that she knew she wanted to start a podcast when she released her book. A lifelong radio fan, she grew up without a TV and would spend many hours as a teenager driving from San Diego to Los Angeles, which she would spend listening to NPR and This American Life.

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EmRata deeply identifies with the idea of a high-low concept, not just for her show, but for her life. “I’ve been interested intellectually in the idea of approaching lowbrow topics in a sophisticated way or marrying the two,” she told The Cut. “It’s not only who I am but how my brain works. I have a bikini business and a book of essays.”

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