Photos by Alyssa Greenberg

Getting Ready With...

Conan Gray Gets Ready For the 2022 CFDA Awards

The singer wore a head-to-toe Coach look that featured leather shorts and Mary-Janes.

Describe your typical going out process:

I always take my sweet time getting ready. I think the long process of grooming is a kind of ritual to me. I’m always ready way too early. I usually don’t play music, and I don’t talk much. My team and I just very peacefully get all our ducks in order. It’s special to me.

Who are you most excited to see at tonight's CFDA Awards?

Nobody in particular! The more I admire someone, the less I want to meet them. Ignorance is always bliss.

Describe your look for tonight:

Stuart’s latest 2023 show had such a playful, bright, slightly sleazed 80’s flair to it, so I wanted to present that vision. A smoked eye to match the leather, some kind of middle world between preppy and punk.

What are your favorite things to do in New York?

A morning coffee run. Not actually running, just getting out of bed, putting on some headphones, playing some mid 2000s playlist and acting like I'm in a rom-com. For some reason when I'm in NYC, it’s always an iced Americano and a chocolate croissant.

What has been your favorite fashion moment of the year?

Gonna have to say the resurgence of big ass boots.

What is inspiring you right now, in both fashion and in your music?

Real life and real people.

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