how to spread holiday love with a jean jacket.

by ray siegel

Maybe it's the cold weather or that the season of giving is officially underway, but the holidays make us want to hit up our local craft store and DIY-up a storm. So that's just what we decided to do--we're thrilled to announce the start of a new holiday tradition: our first-ever 12 Days of DIY. We're taking items that we love and coming up with cool ways to make them unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Since nothing spreads holiday cheer like a perfect piece of denim, we handed over the cutest Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply jacket we could find over to Janet Sung, founder of Denim Refinery, and told her to have her way with it. Trust us--she knows her way around a jean jacket. Sung's company is all about ways to customize your jeans; from foiled sleeves and flannel collars to neon leopard print, the site is a one-stop shop for the kind of wardrobe that will last you a lifetime. It's a real time saver too, since it has the kind of amazing-fitting vintage cutoffs, overalls, vests, and pants that we normally spend hours searching for. After the sewing was done, 'The Inspo Jacket,' was born. Sung told us, "give the gift of inspiration this Christmas." And that's exactly what 12 Days of Diy are all about--DR gets us.

Here's what you'll need: Denim thread and a needle Denim Refinery patches Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply jacket Plenty of quirky pins

Here's how to do it yourself:

STEP 1: Locate the adjustable waist tab on the bottom of your denim jacket--because that's going to become your shoulder epaulette!

STEP 2:Use a seam ripper to remove the tab.

STEP 3: Sew both ends of the waist tab one inch away from your jacket collar.

STEP 4: Repeat on the other side.

STEP 5 Start sewing your best patches and pins onto your jacket. (Tip: It looks best with the patches are grouped together in clusters).

STEP 6: Gift wrap it and give it to a friend or walk around and brag about your one-of-a-kind Inspo jacket.