what happens when you combine a friendship bracelet and a bikini…

by ali hoffman

Maybe it's the cold weather or that the season of giving is officially underway, but the holidays make us want to hit up our local craft store and DIY-up a storm. So that's just what we decided to do--we're thrilled to announce the start of a new holiday tradition: our first-ever 12 Days of DIY. We're taking items that we love and coming up with cool ways to make them unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. It's pretty cold out, so of course we're all daydreaming about ways to escape--or, for many of us, planning trips to beach locations for the holidays. With winter break just a couple weeks away, I'm finding it impossible to focus on anything other than my upcoming family trip to Mexico. So rather than try to fight it, I decided to get creative and apply my daydreaming to my workload. The result is today's bikini DIY: an updated twist on the standard halter bathing suit top, using nothing but a couple strands of rope and scissors. The result is what we're deeming a friendship-bracelet-bikini, which I plan on wearing for my entire trip. The best part? It's totally adjustable--you can remove the rope when tanning, and then loop it right back in for a dip in the ocean. Supplies: Roxy Sun Runner Bandeau Bikini Pepperell Crafts Friendship Bracelets Scissor


Steps 1: Measure out how much rope you to comfortable hang around your neck, loosely hitting where you imagine the top begins (or you can just slip it on to be more exact). Add an inch to the length you've measured and then cut six pieces to that length,

Steps 2: Separate the six strands into two sets of three, and then braid each set. Steps 3: Remove the halter string that came with bikini top. Tie one end of one of the braids to the little insert slot on the right side and then the other to the left side. Repeat with your second braid.

Step 4: Try it on! Step 5: Wear sunscreen (Duh we know, but seriously do it!)