2 Jacks Movie Review

watch sienna miller’s sparkly new role!

by liza darwin

It's been a bit since we last heard from Sienna Miller--you could say the new mother has her hands full, after all. But back in 2012, the actress quietly starred in 2 Jacks, a satirical adaptation of Tolstoy that finally sees its release this week. Inspired by the writer's 1856 short novel Two Hussars, the indie film follows Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), a smooth-talking ex-Hollywood hotshot who returns back to LA. After a long sabbatical, he hopes to raise money for his new movie.

What comes next in the wild ride: lots of glam partying, lots of women, and as you can predict by the film's name, lots of poker. When he's not trying to woo the English actress Diana (played by Miller), he's trying to secure funding for his new flick by winning a round of cards.

Cut to 20 years later, and Hussar's namesake son is also making the trip to Hollywood in order to make his own movie. But when it comes to getting backing, well, his luck isn't so great. While the winding story alone isn't necessarily enough to keep you glued to the screen--the flurry of characters in the parallel plot lines makes it tough to keep track--but the elaborate costumes and cinematography keep things interesting. Divided into two sections, the movie is filmed in both black and white (the first half) and color--and as for Sienna Miller, she's stunning as the young actress who's easily seduced by Hussar's slimy charms. 

Wheeling and dealing with a side of Halloween costume inspiration? Yeah, we'll take it. Especially given the fact that we can watch it right this second! Check out the trailer below, and rent 2 Jacks on Video on Demand now.