9 Hair Trends That Will Be Major In 2017

Get your scissors ready

Last year is officially (and thankfully) a thing of the past. As we push forward into the unknown territory of 2017, we’re fantasizing about all of the different hair trend possibilities that lie ahead. It’s a new year, so, naturally, we need to update our look accordingly, right?

We chatted with the most prominent experts in the field to find out what we can expect to see in the days to come. We got the low-down on the new It Colors and Cuts, what trends from last year got an update, and which looks seem to be sticking it out for the long run.

Below, check out the nine trends we expect to see everywhere. Now’s the time to book an appointment for that new year makeover, just sayin’.

Photo via @hannahthepainter Instagram

Natural bases with subtle color

This year, it’s all about color that’s eye-catching and satisfies our wild tendencies, even if we have to keep it on the tame side. According to Hannah Edelman, colorist and owner of Brush In Hand Salon, it’s all about adding vibrant colors to natural bases for a subtle effect that pops when light hits it. 

“A ton of people want brightly colored hair, but are limited to their work policies,” she says. “Last year's chocolate mauve spoke to the in-betweeners—the people who want to live the Pravana VIVIDS life, but their bosses say no. This year will be full of natural bases blended with Pravana VIVIDS—hair that will behave while your boss is around but shine bright in other light. Why shouldn’t you have both in 2017?” We agree.

Photo courtesy of Hairstory Studio

Androgynous cuts

In 2017, we can expect androgynous cuts to rise in popularity.

“I think having men and women challenging the roles of gender identity through haircuts is going to become more popular in the new year,” says Wes Sharpton, hair stylist at Hairstory Studio. “I think we’re going to see women adopting more traditionally male cuts—and men more traditionally feminine looks.”

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Jewel tones

According to George Papanikolas, Matrix Style Link celebrity colorist responsible for Lydia Hearst's latest transformation, we’ll be seeing a lot of jewel-toned ‘dos this year. “They’re the bolder version of the pastel trend, but not as intense as the ultra-vibrant punk colors,” he says. “They’re more of a fashion shade—you don’t need to worry about them complementing your skin as they don’t happen in nature.

Not sure how to choose which color is right for you? “When it comes to choosing a shade, pick your favorite—and the one that will pair best with your wardrobe,” he recommends. He uses Matrix Color Sync Watercolors to create custom colors for his clients.

Photo courtesy of Hairstory Studio

Dusty tones

While pastels have been around for some time, Hairstory Studio colorist Roxie Darling feels that dusty colors are here to stay. “I think dustier, powdery colors will still be popular in 2017,” she says. “The color is less saturated and more subtle. It’s more sophisticated and complex than a simple pastel.”

She created this look by diluting the original dyes with New Wash, giving the hair a pale wash of color.

Photo via @hannahthepainter Instagram

Highlights are back

Say what you will, but highlights are back. If you’re getting awful flashbacks to middle school and the stripy streaks we thought looked good, fear not, it’s much more subtle this time around.

“We’re going back to our roots, literally,” says Edelman. “First, we loved the ombré trend, then we softened up with a low and blended hair painting, and slowly the lightness inched upward. Now, we’re back to fully embracing highlighted roots in a new way, with hair painted goodness from root to tip.” She predicts warm, rich natural tones will take reign for the return of this trend.

Photo via @ninezeroone Instagram

Blunt and choppy cuts

According to Riawna Capri, celebrity hair stylist at Nine Zero One Salon, we’ll be shying away from light and wispy cuts, aiming for both blunt and choppy. “This is the year things are getting bolder,” she says. “Think more structure—blunt, yet still textured. It gives a great strong focus to the face, neck, and shoulders, giving a fun and sexy feminine edge.”

Photo courtesy of Hairstory

Rose gold is here to stay

According to Darling, we’ll still be seeing plenty of rose gold this year. “I don’t think it will go anywhere. It brings passion and nuance to someone’s look,” she says.

Well, we’re totally all for this gorgeous color sticking around for another year. 

Photo via @ninezeroone Instagram

Eye length bangs

This year, bangs are growing out a bit. “Eye-length bangs, where the bangs are long enough to be split down the middle, is the haircut to keep an eye on this year,” says Capri.

Not ready to make the chop for a full fringe? This is the best way to ease into it. “If anything, it’s a great way to change up your look without giving it your full commitment, or losing too much length,” she says.

Photo courtesy of Hairstory Studio

Rebellious styling

In terms of styling, it’s all about letting out your inner rebel in 2017. “I love using the book Rebel Youth as a reference in my work, and I think it’s still very relevant,” says Sharpton. “I think we’ll be seeing more of a ‘60s look come into fashion next year, as stylish women seem to be moving out of the ‘70s. These women have a little 'fuck you' spirit. They’re cool—but also a little rough around the edges."