Photographed by Ruby June X Super A-OK using the A-1Array photo system X ACME Studio


We Gave It Girl Ruby June A 3-D Camera, And Here Is What Happened

Magic, that’s what

"What even is a 3-D camera?" one might ask when faced with one. "And what should I do with one?"

In long, it's a camera with multiple lenses and sensors. It's able to simulate binocular vision and create three-dimensional images which can be animated. In short, it's magic. Should you come across such a contraption, we recommend you contact model, actress, photographer, and drummer (phew!) Ruby June.

Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, the New York transplant knew exactly what to do when she was granted access to this game-changing device. She got to work in Brooklyn's ACME studio, calling on her favorite hair stylist, Dennis Lanni, and some girlfriends to create and model one-of-a-kind 3-D looks. Styled by June and complete with teapots, rotary phones, knives, and model airplanes, this exclusive editorial is a combination dreamscape and funhouse where cool girls dress up as suburban housewives run amok. Prepare to be hypnotized as you click through the gallery below.

Photographer: Ruby June X Super A-OK using the A-1 Array photo system X ACME Studio; hair: Dennis Lanni; styling: Ruby June; props: ACME Studio; makeup: Ruby June; models: Rachel Trachtenburg, Ruby June, and Bethlehem