five questions with porcelain raft

From Italy to New York…

by Christian Lavery

Mauro Remiddi, otherwise known as Porcelain Raft, has come quite a long way in every sense imaginable. From his early years growing up in Rome, to his days of touring the world as part of various ventures, to his current home in Brooklyn, New York, it’s been quite the journey to his current state of success. But with each endeavor he’s grown as a musician, and we can’t help but send praise his way for his recently released sophomore album, Permanent Signal. Continuing with his unique, but ever-recognizable electro pop sound, Remiddi has really refined his craft, easily noticeable with one listen to his first single “The Way Out.” Combining great visuals with even better lyrics, the song seems to resonate, as does the album. He’ll be setting out on tour starting September 4th, followed by his album release party in Brooklyn on the 5th, where you can get a live glimpse of his musical ability. But before you go off to see when he’ll be making a stop in your town, take a look to see how he fared when we asked him our usual five questions. His answers are just interesting as his music.

Download Permanent Signal HERE.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?A month ago I saw John Cassavetes Love Streams at a theatre in Brooklyn

What was your favorite cartoon/ TV show as a kid?The Addams Family

What was the first record you bought?The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk

What was the first live show you went to?I saw Pink Floyd on the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour

What posters were hanging on your wall in high school?Pink Floyd and a few posters of various painters’ works