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8@8: your morning scoop

‘community’ is back with a vengeance.

Today is...

National Pound Cake Day! Or, if you are Beyoncé, Cake by the Pound Day.

News of the Day:

+ Our hopes for "six season and a movie" have been reignited with Yahoo's trailer for season six of Community. We're excited for the college comedy to continue, but we must admit we will miss Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown on the show.

+ Get ready to see more of Idris Elba. Netflix has acquired Cary Fukunaga's African war drama Beasts of No Nation, which stars the British actor.

+ Kerry Washington is going to be honored at the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards for her efforts in promoting equality. Olivia Pope would be proud.

+ The ever-lovely Janelle Monae is performing a free public concert in Albany, NY today to support a rally for low-income New York schools.

+ Just in time for Women's History Month, President Obama has launched a new initiative called "Let Girls Learn," which aims to help young girls all over the world get the education they deserve.

Deal of the Day:

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Advice of the Day:

"I read poems on my phone when I wake up in the morning. It opens you up for the rest of the day, and suddenly your life becomes a little more observed. And, when it becomes more observed, it can’t help but start to become more beautiful." - Michelle Williams

GIF of the Day: