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will halsey ever return the sweatshirt?

Today is...

Christmas Eve!!!!

News of the Day:

+ Halsey's alleged ex-friend Allison Coopersmith still really, really wants her sweatshirt back. She recently wrote about her experience in-depth for Cosmopolitan, so obviously Coopersmith is not letting this go anytime soon.

+ The wage gap closed by a whopping 1 cent this year... Woo! Progress!

Sandra Bland's family recently spoke out at a press conference regarding the verdicts of no indictments in connection to her death.

+ Next year, it's expected that more women will go to deeper measures to explore their sexuality rather than use pills to increase their sexual desire. This week, a site called OMGYes launched—it provides women with conversational videos and explicit tutorials.

+ Kelela is releasing Hallucinogen Remixes on December 25th! It features DJ Spinn, MC Bin Laden, Sporting Life and many more.

Deal of the Day:

Carine Roitfeld has an upcoming collaboration with Uniqlo! It's expected to be released in February 2016. 

Advice of the Day:

"Whatever I'm doing, I'm in that moment and I'm doing it. The rest of the world's lost." - Sade Adu

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