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    Willow Smith supports Orlando in the most Willow Smith way

    by · June 29, 2016
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    Today is...

    National Waffle Iron Day!

    News of the Day:

    + Willow Smith recently posted a solo photo to Instagram wearing a white shirt with the word “BE” featured in rainbow lettering. Baja East created this “Be Proud” shirt to support the Orlando, Florida, victims and will donate all the proceeds to the Pulse Victims Fund. Funds from the $95 tee go directly to the fund to help the families and survivors of the shooting. Other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and HAIM have sported this tee to show support too. You can purchase the shirt here.

    <BE PROUD> // @bajaeast

    A photo posted by ≠The Pouty Princess≠ (@willowsmith) on

    + “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz received the 2016 Woman of Courage Award by the National Organization for Women. Emma got her name after she carried her dorm room mattress around with her from September 2014 to May 2015, in protest of her accused rapist getting off with no charges. This was the powerful way Sulkowicz wanted her rapist and her story to be known, and by doing so, she made a huge step for sexually assaulted women everywhere.

    @oliviasulko caught me looking derpy with the Woman of Courage Award. From my speech today: Camille Paglia has publicly called my artwork a “masochistic exercise” in which I neither “evolve” nor “move-on.” She speaks as if she, a white woman, knew what was best for me, a woman of color she’s never met. Many people ask me how I’ve “healed” from my assault, as if healing were another word for “forgetting about it,” “getting over it,” or even “shutting up about it.” To expect me to move on is to equate courage with self-censorship. The phrases--suck it up, move on, and get over it--are violence. People who say these phrases equate what is right with what is expected. I think courage means, “Afraid in a way that makes you do what is right, even if it’s unexpected.” I dedicate this award to everyone who has not told me to get over it. Thank you for validating my fear and my way of handling it. Thank you for creating a world in which we can tackle the things that terrify us by doing the unexpected right thing. Thank you #nationalorganizationforwomen

    A photo posted by Emma Sulkowicz (@emsulk) on

    + Alexander Wang will step into the CEO and chairman positions of his self-named label as his sister-in-law, Aimee Wang, and mother, Yin Wang, will be stepping down. Mr. Wang won’t just be about business, though; he will still remain as the creative director of his company, maintaining a heavy hand in the design process.

    + Freida Pinto will be joining the six-part Showtime-Sky Atlantic mini-series Guerrilla, which follows a couple that gets mixed up with political activist struggles in 1970s London. Freida’s character, Jas, and partner, Marcus, will be responsible for tasks such as releasing a political prisoner and facing a counter intelligence unit set to defeat all forms of black activism. The show is set to start filming in London this summer.

    + Singer-songwriter Sampha just blew us away with his live performance of his new track “Plastic 100°C” recorded by The Fader. Sampha opens with a beautifully raw piano intro before breaking into lyrics about the pressure he personally feels. Check out the performance, below.

    Deal of the Day:

    Glossier is offering a free neon orange transparent sun visor with every purchase over $30 until July 5 (while supplies last). This cute, limited-edition visor is great for those summertime barbecues, pool parties, and days you just want to sit around your house with a cool visor. Get shopping here.

    Advice of the Day:

    “You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.” —Anne Hathaway

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