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8@8: your morning scoop

#girlboss is teaming up with mac cosmetics.

Today is...

National Nut Day--enjoy!

News of the Day:

+ Cara Delevingne will be one step closer to world domination when her collaboration with Pharrell (which should be a total hit) finally drops--and it could be as soon as this week.

+ All of the people on your favorite album covers of all time beatbox in this video and it's really weird, but awesome.

+ Dakota Fanning is taking over the @officialrodarte Instagram account, and she began by posting a picture of Lisa Frank Bandaids.

+ Can't get enough of the #GirlBoss movement? Good because Sophia Amoruso is teaming up with MAC Cosmetics on a rad new collection.

+ You might have heard that Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is being rereleased in theaters in the U.K., but the rest of the world doesn't have to worry. That's because we all get to partake of the re-release's amazing trailer.

Deal of the Day:

Shoptiques is launching an Anna Sui boutiue online and is featuring an exclusive 10-percent off code just for NYLON readers! Shop the largest selection of Sui's runway looks on the Internet here (starting at 9 a.m.) and use ANNASUIxSHOPTIQUES to score!

Advice of the Day:

“You want your journals written by hand in a book, because someday, if you have daughters — I don’t have daughters, but I have fairy goddaughters, thousands of them — all of these books are gonna go to them, and they’re gonna sit around just like we are now, and they’re gonna read them out loud, and they’re going to be able to know what my life was.” - Stevie Nicks to Haim on keeping a journal

GIF of the Day: