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college dropout kanye west is now a doctor

by nylon

Today is...

Fatigue Syndrome Day. Be sure to stock up on the espresso.

News of the Day:

+ There will be a new The Weeknd album this August. Yessssssss.

+ Have you ever wondered how teens get ready for the red carpet? Well, Fashionista spoke with some celeb stylists to find out.

Prince Harry says he wants to settle down and have kids. Wink, wink.

+ College dropout Kanye West just got his (honorary) doctorate from SAIC, proving that if you're famous enough, you don't have to spend 8+ years studying like everyone else.

CSI has been cancelled. Time to take off those sunglasses for good, Horatio.

Deal of the Day:

We've teamed up with Pitch Perfect 2 for an acca-awesome t-shirt + sweatshirt giveaway. Tweet/Facebook us with #PitchPerfect2xNYLON for your chance to win! Is there anything cooler than that? Pitch, please.

Advice of the Day:

"I feel safer when I know what I want. When I don't know what I want, I feel like I'm flailing through the universe." - Emma Stone

GIF of the Day: