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a look into the “feeling myself” music video styling

by nylon

Today is...

Be a Millionaire Day. Lol.

News of the Day:

+ Performance artist Marina Abramovic is claiming that Jay Z "completely used [her]." The two collaborated when the rapper adapted her 2010 installation The Artist is Present for his Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film. "I am very pissed by this, since he adapted my work only under one condition: that he would help my institute," she told Spike magazine. "Which he didn't."

+ Beyoncé's stylist Marni Senofonte spoke to Elle about the fashion behind Yoncé and Nicki Minaj's "Feeling Myself" video. According to her, it was Beyoncé's idea to do a last-minute shoot at Coachella and the one article of clothing they had to get in was the Ol' Dirty Bastard hockey shirt.

+ Today's must-read: Buzzfeed's "What Hollywood's Acceptance of Sexism Looks Like in Practice." It will blow your mind.

+ The new Fred Perry x Amy Winehouse x Central Saint Martins collection is now available—and it's really good.

+ In honor of their 45th anniversary, John Fluevog Shoes created the 45, famously worn by Lady Miss Kier on the iconic album cover for Deee-Lite.

Deal of the Day:

Take 15% off Zero Gravity's marble phone case with the promo code CASE15. 

Advice of the Day:

"For everyone else it was like the glory days. You know getting drunk for the first time. And I was like… I just didn’t feel like being a part of it." - Say Lou Lou 

GIF of the Day: