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    mac's new campaign features plus-size women

    by nylon · October 01, 2015

    photo via @maccosmetics instagram

    Today is...

    World Vegetarian Day

    News of the Day:

    + Listen to Janet Jackson's latest song, "S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S."

    + M.A.C.'s new campaign features plus-size women, or, as we like to call them, women.

    + There is now, for some reason, a "Yelp for People." Yup. That really exists.

    + Blake Lively is shutting down Preserve.

    + Daughter released the video for their song "Doing The Right Thing."

    Deal of the Day:

    Get an extra 20% off all sale items at American Apparel.

    Quote of the Day:

    "I want to do little things, like open a window. I want to go to Target." - Michelle Obama 

    GIF of the Day: 

    sea otters holding hands

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