9 amazing actresses you totally forgot about

    where are they now?

    by Dan Barna · August 24, 2015

    Photo via Universal Pictures

    We’re only a few months away from what has become an annual event: Jennifer Lawrence Appreciation Month, the end-of-the-year celebration of our biggest movie star that’s perfectly timed to the release of whatever Hunger Games/David O. Russell film she happens to be promoting. Lawrence’s rise to the top of the Hollywood food chain has been swift and dominant—and a reminder that watching the birth of a real movie star can be a beautiful thing.
    But for every JLaw, there’s three Gretchen Mols—a Hollywood “It Girl” who just never lived up to the hype. But just because they won’t be topping any Forbes lists anytime soon, it doesn’t mean these would-be superstars don’t have serious acting chops. Here are 9 amazing actresses you totally forgot about.

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