Will ‘A Dark Song’ Be This Year’s Horror Sensation?

Watch the spooky trailer

A few years ago, a movie called The Babadook came out of nowhere (well, Australia, to be exact) and terrified audiences on its way to becoming one of the most talked about horror movies of the year. That movie mined the dynamics between mother and child to create something truly scary. In that sense, the upcoming A Dark Song treads similar territory. It comes to us from another English-speaking country (Ireland), and it features another scenario involving a mother and her son. This time, a woman named Sophia has lost her son, and, in her state of deep grief, turns to an occultist who claims he can help get her son back. All she has to do is lock herself in a house with him and do as he says. As the movie’s first trailer shows, things get incredibly messed up from there. The movie, a low-budget exercise in fear, doesn’t use CGI ghosts or creepy kids to extract its scares. The fear here comes from the escalating tension between Sophia and Joseph, and the building mystery behind what exactly is happening.

A Dark Song premiered at Fantastic Fest last year and garnered unanimous raves from audiences. It currently sits at 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and has real potential to become a breakout horror sensation in the vein of last year’s The Witch. Watch the spooky trailer below to find out why. A Dark Song will be available on VOD, so you can watch it alone at home with the lights turned low, on April 28.