a day in brooklyn


by Josh Madden

a day in brooklyn

When you think of Williamsburg in the Brooklyn borough, the first thing that comes to mind may be hipsters and street art -- but this wasn't necessarily the inspiration for this shoot. A new resident of Brooklyn, photographer Mariana Quevedo was instead drawn to simpler aspects: the way the sunlight seeped through and between buildings, and the odd mixture of industrial and organic elements.

In collaboration with Creative Director

Bianca Carosio

, they knew they wanted to photograph something unexpected, especially given Williamsburg's obvious norms. The idea of being young, lost, and finding yourself all together was an underlining sense of what the team wanted to capture. Stylist

Amia Serrano

brings an effortless cool that ties in the story, which features model Richard Detwiler III of RED Citizen.

The styling consists of some of our favorite lines like November, Chapter, and Nicholas K thanks to

Indigo Showrrom

and Rodd & Gunn and Howe thanks to


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Mariana Quevedo

Creative Director-

Bianca Carosio

Wardrobe Stylist-

Amia Serrano

Assistant- Ivan LuqueModel- Richard Detwiler III @

Red Citizen