A.P.C + KANYE WEST Fall ’14

A.P.C + Kanye West =’s YES. YES. YES.

by Josh Madden

A.P.C + Kanye West Fall '14

When the A.P.C X Kanye West capsule dropped last fall it sold out in hours, and to be honest we weren't surprised. Props to the Parisian powerhouse brand, founded in 1987 (West was 10 years old at the time) for taking a chance on a young visionary. The truth is, between: A.P.C.'s Jean Touitou's buttoned-up feel and West's utilitarian swagger, there currently isn't a better example of two worlds coming together to create a dual aesthetic.

The dichotomy of the line suggests the two designers have found the algorithm of co-producing, which is pretty special to say the least. Viewing the different pieces there is a suggestion that both Touitou and West have shared mutual influences--and influenced each other. The end result is a full collection that reaches both the A.P.C following and the Kanye West following and we believe will make them both very happy...we know we are!