A visit to the US open with Heineken

Tennis like we’ve never seen it before…

by Josh Madden

A visit to the US Open with Heineken

When the canister of Heineken-branded tennis balls arrived at NYLON HQ last week with an invitation to the US Open, we bugged out majorly. The iconic event has been on our bucket list since...well, since we started making a bucket list. The Heineken folks not only sent over the awesome invite, which will remain unopened on our desk like a trophy, but we also received the Mark McNairy-designed saddle-chukkas, perfect for our courtside turn up.

Cruising out to Arthur Ashe stadium in Queens we had no clue what the evening had in store--the only directive we had was to meet at the globe. As we arrived, one-by-one our tennis watching cohorts joined and we were taken to the Heineken House, which was pretty incredible. Right there in the middle of all of the action was this little rooftop hideout complete with a huge bar and all kinds of food and games. The all-star cast of our epic homie-hang out team played epic backyard bar-b-q games and caught up over a couple of cold brews. Before we walked over to check out the main event, we all got together and famed photographers Kirill and Johnathan Manion took a couple snaps to commemorate the evening.

What happened next was pretty surreal...the Heineken folks walked us up and into their private VIP box seats just as number one seeded Novak Djokovic strutted on to the court! It was incredible watching Djokovic school Ricardas Bereankis 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 right there, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Next up, Victoria Azaranka and Dinah Pfitzenmaier took the court. Between sets we gnoshed on some incredible food in the suite, and what else would we be drinking but some Heineken? As Azaranka finished off Pfitzenmaier 6-0, 6-0 and the night came to a close, we parted ways with our homies, but not before grabbing a hat--you know we have to wear our rare US Open hat with the saddle chukkas for some Sunday stunting.

Thank you to the good folks at Heineken for having us out, it was an evening we will not forget.