All Your Cat-Eye Problems, Solved With This One New Product

an eyeliner to make dreams come true

Have you heard that ancient proverb, "Never ask a girl with cat-eye liner why she's late"? It's based upon the universal truth of eyeliner flicking: That shit takes a minute. And by a minute we mean like, 10, depending on how shaky your hands are. Cat eyes look awesome, and are just plain hard to do. That's why the beauty Internet will forever be full of how-tos, and we'll be perpetually asking professionals for their best tips.

However, New York-based makeup artist Dana Rae is aiming to change all that. Her newly launched brand ABLE Cosmetics was created to take your hardest-to-solve beauty problems and fix them. The line's first product, which launched this week, is a liquid liner specifically designed to create the perfect cat eye quickly, easily, and efficiently. If you think that sounds impossible, put your skepticism on hold for one minute: This is one product that actually does what it says it will.

The key is not in the actual liner itself—though the smudge-proof formula definitely rocks—but in the design of the liner's case. It comes with a soft, bendable rubber edge that you can use to actually just trace your line. Unlike other things we've been told to use to trace our cat eye (post-its, tape, etc.), this is the perfect material to conform to the curve of your eye area while being solid enough to use as a guiding edge. It's so simple and brilliant, we're not sure why it didn't already exist. 

ABLE Cosmetics, Cat Eye 101, $48, available at