my name is cupid valentino...

    by · February 12, 2013
    We will never talk about relighting the flame, we don’t really feel inspired to show off our inner Martha Stewart with construction paper and glue, and we definitely won’t encourage watching The Notebook on repeat. Okay, with THAT out of our system, let’s tackle the big V-Day--after all, it’s T-Minus 48 hours away! Aside from our recent decision to drop the teen-angst bit, our cupid connection this year owes entirely to one single fact: A lot of really cool brands came out with really cool stuff. But before you check it out, we can’t think of better way to conclude this than quoting Mr. Andre 3000: “My name is Cupid Valentino, the modern day Cupid And I just want to say one thing, Happy Valentines Day! Every day the 14th!”
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