Adam Sandler Sings Goodbye Song on David Letterman

no, really, he was

A regular comedy go-to in our youth, Adam Sandler hasn’t done much over the last few years outside of making terrible films and offending Native Americans. But last night on Letterman, the 48-year-old teen was actually good for the first time in we don’t know how long. 

Showing up on The Late Show to say goodbye to the retiring David Letterman (something that has brought the best out of other comics, notably Tina Fey), Sandler offered up a tribute to the host with one of his signature shambling songs. In the tradition of “Red Hooded Sweatshirt” and “The Hannukah Song”, the ditty featured that high-pitched, proudly awkward voice, dirty, TMI lyrics, and honestly sweet sentiments. Either we’re just too eager for the guy to get back to late-‘90s form, or this was actual restaurant quality. Maybe Dave should retire more often.