Hello, It’s Adele’s Best Look Ever

blood red ruffles + goth nails for life

As the Internet explodes with excitement over all the super-glam arrivals at the BRIT Awards, please allow us to direct your attention to Adele, a woman who really, really knows her way around red carpet couture. Her blood red Prada dress cascades to the floor with romantic ruffles—it’s like it’s in motion even when she’s standing still. Honestly, if we were wearing this dress, we’d be nonstop-twirling, but this is about her, not us.

For the time being, it appears that Adele is giving up her signature black. But even though she’s wearing a color—one with ruffles, no less—this look isn’t too precious. Check out those shiny, vampy nails, and the way her dark matte lipstick matches the dress. It makes the overall vibe feel very goth, in an elevated way. In other words, perfection. 

It’s fitting that Adele’s look for the evening is so scene-stealing. She is, after all, expected to win Best Album, and is also nominated for best-Artist Video, Solo Artist, and Single awards. If ever there was a night to roll up in a dress we’ll be talking about for the rest of the year, it would be this one. And now, a brief intermission during which we try to find this dress on eBay. 

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