Photo via Instagram / @justinbieber


Let’s All Take A Second To Admire Justin Bieber’s New Hair Color

sorry not sorry

by Lisa Eppich

Mermaid is the new ombre, and Justin Bieber is all in. The new hair trend, which became popular late last year, combines swaths of light pastel hues that create the kind of delicate mane one might imagine on a mythical sea creature. Fortunately, Justin Bieber is the kind of guy who fancies himself a merman, so he took to Instagram to show off his fancy new bangs.

Although it's a little hard to tell in the picture, it looks like he's gone for a dark purple shade for the back of his head, fading to lighter violet and white in his loosely curled, flowing bangs. While this kind of look is more often seen on K-pop stars, we're actually digging this look much more the cornrows he was trying to make happen a few weeks ago. New year, new music, new hair? We're hoping this softer, gentler Bieber sticks for more than a second.

(Via People)