Photo by Christopher Ferguson

this is the age we actually feel like “adults”


If you're getting tired of all the responsibilities and stresses that come with being a Millennial in this day and age, we have some possibly good news for you: You may not even be an adult until you're 29. Or, at least, if you live in Britain and have a youthful spirit, that is.

According to a study conducted by Fly Research and published by the Independent, the average age at which a person living in the U.K. feels like an adult is 29. Seeing as the general international legal age of adulthood is 18, that means that we all have 11 years to flutter off and do as we please before we actually settle into the rest of our lives. 

As part of the study, 2,000 people ages 18 and older were asked what life steps were "signifiers of adulthood." Of the respondents, 64 percent said that you know you're an adult when you buy a new home, and 63 percent said that becoming a parent makes you a real adult, as does getting married. As for the top reasons for not feeling like an adult? Relying on your parents, living at home longer, and watching children's movies and cartoons (great logic there). 

While this certainly doesn't apply to everyone (shoutout to everyone who's 22 and feeling like they're approaching 40), and doesn't actually mean that you're not an adult, it is interesting that people are identifying life markers with adulthood. Cheers to those who only speak in emoji and use terms like "on fleek"—never change.