album premiere: ages and ages

stream ‘divisionary’ here!

by liza darwin

From approximately five seconds into the lead song "Light Goes Out," it's clear: the new Ages and Ages album is good. Like, "stop whatever you're doing and crank it up to full blast" kind of good.

The Portland band's sophomore LP Divisionary is overflowing with the kind of songs that brighten your day immediately, thanks to anthemic choruses, irresistible pop harmonies, and the kind of exuberant vibes that everyone can use (especially on a Monday morning!). 

But while tracks like "I See More" and "Big Idea" might be upbeat, that's not to say they're shallow. These are songs with a much deeper meaning, one that comes from major life changes and growing up. It's been three years since Alright You Restless, and this new effort reflects the altered perspectives that come with experience--about climate change, social classes, and, to borrow from the title track, doing the right thing.

As guitarist/vocalist Tim Perry puts it best, "Ultimately I think the band all feels hopeful and blessed,. These songs reflect that optimism, but they don’t do so lightly or try to dodge the struggles we’re dealing with individually and as a band." Who says pop music can't have a message?

Listen below, and check out more Ages and Ages here.