airborne flight bomber by authentic apparel

You don’t have to join the army to stay warm…

by Josh Madden

If you've ever been to New York during the winter you know two things: A. It's impossible to catch a cab (because eight million other people already got it) and B. A city made of brick and steel is brutally cold.

In our search for a bomber jacket that isn't just the same old-same old, we found the Airborne Flight Bomber, made by authentic apparel based on U.S. Army standards and it's nothing short of incredible. Modeled after the iconic B-15 flight jacket, it's not only timeless but also constructed with time-tested standards. Between the water repellent finish, kevlar stitching, and a button top collar (which holds the warm faux fur around our necks), we're not dreading the immanent snow storms.

On top of all this, this jacket is available in grey, back, and olive at a surprisingly affordable cost. Check out the full line of Authentic Apparels' U.S. Army collection HERE and get the flight bomber on sale now HERE.