Boozy Beauty: Alcohol-Inspired Products For Your Next Happy Hour

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    by · June 14, 2016

    The fashion and beauty industries often work in threes: The first time you see something, it’s an incident, the second time is a coincidence, the third time is most definitely a trend. So when a third beauty product, featuring alcohol I am more used to seeing in a glass at my local bar on a Thursday night than in a serum bottle, landed on my desk, I stopped to think. Was alcohol-infused beauty the next big It Thing in the pampering realm?

    Never the one to be swayed by momentary trends and fads, I admit that my interest piqued. Was there a way to indulge in boozy behavior without the risk of a dreaded hangover and bloat the next day, and with the added bonus of radiant skin and shinier hair? After diving in and drinking (research up) like a fish, I must say, I was surprised to find that there was a number of brands—with alcohol-influenced histories and, more importantly, science to back up their claims—that left me happily buzzed.

    Whether you’re looking for hair of the dog for your dehydrated locks or wanting to soak up sake for an intoxicatingly beautiful complexion, now is a prime time to pick your, well, poison. Find out which brands are legitimate industry game changers and which products pack a beneficial punch, and enjoy responsibly while clicking through the gallery, below.

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