check out outtakes from our shoot with the beautiful creatures stars!

    by · February 15, 2013
    If we know you at all, it’s safe to assume you already know quite a bit about Beautiful Creatures. Maybe you read the book by Margaret Stohl. Perhaps you were first in line when it opened yesterday--and if not, we’re betting you’ve got plans to see it this weekend. Either which way, the twisted romance fantasy is definitely orbiting your brain. That being said, we thought you’d enjoy some outtakes from our shoot with the film’s two leading actors, Australian beauty Alice Englert and hearthrob-on-the-rise Alden Ehrenreich. And whether these two are the next Bella and Edward--or, more importantly, do we even want them to be?--we’ll that’s up for you to decide. Check out some quotes from their chat with writer Liz Armstrong and the never-before-seen photos from the twosome’s NYLON shoot below. Check out the full article in our February issue on newsstands now. Ehrenreich on initially turning down the film: “The film was pitched to me poorly, as sort of a teen rip-off of those Twilight movies and I thought, ‘Uh, I don’t want to do that.’” Englert on playing Lena Duchannes: “She learned humanity through love, and discovered you can be light and dark. That is what is real and human.” Englert on working with Ehrenreich: “Alden is so dedicated, and it’s great to work with someone like that.”
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