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does alexa chung have a famous new boyfriend?

some might say he $1’sucks’

by nylon

We all rely on dating rumors to feed our hungry souls, so consider this breakfast: Major news outlets (that's Perez Hilton, The Daily Mail, and People to you) are reporting that Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard might be more than just friends with similar first names. Chung, who has of course been a fixture at New York Fashion Week, has been spotted around town with the former True Blood star. Their interactions have been oscillating between cozy and flirty, depending on who's watching. An onlooker spotted them at the Father John Misty show at the Bowery ballroom on Monday night looking "cozy." They elaborated: "He seemed really laid-back but she seemed super animated and into him." Cool.   

The next morning, comedian Haley Sacks freaked out when she spotted Chungard at her local coffee shop scarfing down some avocado toast and talking about what high cheekbones their children are going to have. She even managed to creep a pic which she posted to Twitter.

According to People, which is basically the New York Times of gossip, reps for both Chung and Skarsgard have not returned requests for a comment, leaving the entire celebrity-dating-rumor community on the edge of its collective seat.