Photo by David-Simon Dyan


Alexx Mack Lays Her Vices On The Table With “Wine In Bed”

A new ballad for the lonely

The pop rebirth of Alexx Mack is complete. With "Wine in Bed," Mack puts the hedonistic-fueled vibes that bumped all through her 2015 EP, Like We're Famous, to rest; in its place is a sound that's impeccably tender and lyrics brimming with soul. Mack has never sounded more grown-up.

Like her previous two singles, "Your Car" and "Whatever I Want," Mack's latest is an intimate look at a life of learning. "'Wine in Bed' is about me learning that my coping methods were adding to the toxicity in my life and relationships," she says. "I would drink and cross my fingers to feel better, and almost every time, I'd end up making another mistake." 

Spread over a lush foundation of atmospheric harmonies and a swelling beat, "Wine in Bed" finds Mack battling her own demons and reaching for clarity. By the time the song's final chorus comes in, Mack isn't so much screaming into the void as she is asking the sky for answers. "I thought that every sign was pointing to me needing to be alone," she says. "The truth was that I was pushing everything good in my life away." 

Listen to her confessional, below.