Alice Glass

but this isn’t the end of alice glass.

As Alice Glass told us last year, since signing onto Crystal Castles (then Ethan Kath's solo project) in 2005, the band's work has been an ultra collaborative labor of love: "Ethan does the instruments and so he'll give me lots of tracks and I'll keep them around with me as long as I can to try and see which melody gets stuck in my head. Then we'll record a bunch and pick the ones that I like but we'll always record a song at least five times."

But now, almost two years since the release of their last album, III, that's all about to change. As released via a series of Twitter statements, Alice Glass is leaving the band to pursue a solo career. 

It's all so bittersweet—we're excited to see what Glass has up her sleeve, but we're also going to miss the absolutely insane shows CC has put on throughout the years. Mourn along with us, to our favorite Crystal Castles sounds: