All About Aquarius: Your Complete Guide To The Sun Sign

Everything you need to know about Aquarius the Waterbearer

by christie craft

January 20 — February 18

Symbol: The Waterbearer

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Body part: The legs and ankles

Personal Mantra: “I know.”

Crystal: Amethyst, turquoise, amazonite, rose quartz, azurite, blue kyanite.

Colors: Silver, fuschia, aqua, indigo, turquoise, lavender, electric blue, violet.

Luckiest Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

Positive Traits: Progressive, ingenious, original, independent, humanitarian, witty, clever, inventive

Negative Traits: Flighty, unemotional, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof, rebellious, sarcastic

Most Likely BFFs: Libra, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Most Likely to be Bae: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo

Famous Aquarians:

Alicia Keys

Jackie Robinson

Amal Alamuddin Clooney

Michael B. Jordan

Angela Davis

Jeff Koons

Harry Styles

Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Jordan

Justin Timberlake

Ed Sheeran


Chloë Grace Moretz

Jennifer Aniston

Abraham Lincoln

Oprah Winfrey

Bob Marley

J. Cole

Emma Roberts

Dr. Dre

Toni Morrison

Tom Hiddleston

Kerry Washington

Audre Lorde

Ronda Rousey  

Kelly Rowland

Virginia Woolf

Judy Blume

Mia Farrow

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Regina Spektor  

Intellectualism and independence colors every aspect of Aquarius, the mad genius 11th sign of the zodiac, occurring roughly between January 20 and February 18. Visionaries, quirky inventors, and humanitarians are right at home in the characteristics of unconventional Aquarius, the gentle if emotionally unclear Waterbearer. These personalities have no problem bucking the status quo and deviating from trends, preferring to blaze their own trails in all aspects of their vibrant lives. The Aquarius-born aren’t just rebellious for the sake of being different, though: They’re the genuine progressives of the 12 signs who can easily become submerged in their ever-flowing thoughts, always preoccupied with examining the world at large and meditating on how to improve it—not just for them, but for the greater good of all.

Aquarius seems to be constantly discovering something new and shaping new opinions within themselves. Mental stimulation is always an Aquarian’s number-one goal in how they occupy their time. Screw what anyone else thinks—Aquarius is downright stubborn when it comes to their ways of thinking, living, and generally being. They know they’re a smidgen unusual, which has given them great strength in forming a thick layer of Teflon around their individuality and their creative, artistic methods throughout their lives. Criticism be damned, for out of all the signs of the zodiac, none embody a “you do you” philosophy quite like unique, cerebral Aquarius.

The term “Age of Aquarius” links directly to this sign’s archetypical humanistic outlook. Enlightenment through a wide-reaching social consciousness is just what the Universe ordered to project humanity at large into the future. And those born to this sign embrace the future and all things futuristic wholly and entirely with every cell in their bodies. In fact, Aquarius is tethered to space-age technology to the point of being literally out of this world; Waterbearers are notorious for their close encounters with UFO sightings and extraterrestrials (no kidding!). 

They’d jump at the chance to experience space travel and foreign galaxies, but since Aquarius still calls Planet Earth home (and yes, they certainly would be the first to leave if they could), these often-philanthropic types focus their energies on making the world a better place. Social institutions, law, environmentalism, and technological advancement course though every neuron fired off in their brains, examining how the pillars of society function. Aquarius is an ace with honing in on the faults and foibles of society, often daydreaming and engineering more streamlined, fair, and just systems for all global citizens. Waterbearers view the Universe as a wide frontier brimming with wild possibilities and get a kick out of engaging others in the process in a democratic fashion. Leaning into their enormous goldmine of friends and acquaintances, Aquarius values and respects others’ individual viewpoints, siphoning wisdom from all walks of life. The Aquarian’s nature is eclectic and freeing, allowing this sign to gaze at every problem’s fixes through a lens of democracy in its purest form. 

Aquarius’ symbol, the Waterbearer, perfectly illustrates this sign’s mission in life: To shower the world with the life-giving elixir of progressive ideas and invention. Deep thinkers to the max, Aquarius doesn’t like to let their brainpower get cold or idle. Instead, they’d rather employ their practically genius-level minds to help others as much as possible. Indeed, the Aquarian mind turns out some incredible things not even science fiction could dream up. The world’s lucky to receive such gifts from Aquarius—Thomas Edison, after all, was an Aquarian! With a thought process so innovative and unusually original, Waterbearers need no fanfare for their ideas or achievements. Still, Aquarius’ somewhat stubborn side prefers when everyone agrees with them with little pushback. 

Paradoxes and contradictions lurk in every corner of Aquarius’ being, much like their duplicitous sister air sign, Gemini. But instead of being master flip-floppers, the Aquarian personality vacillates based on their own deeply personal needs. Those born under the Waterbearer constellation can be shy and quiet before switching on their bubbly social charm, at once turning from reserved and uninvolved to an eccentric and energetic party queen. Aquarius can be something of an extremist at times, craving the experience of all shades of the spectrum while formulating new ideas in their intensely active minds. Like Libra, another of their air-sign siblings, Aquarius can easily view all sides of an issue at once without prejudice, lending to their effortlessness in seeing the big picture and adroit problem-solving skills. Because of their tremendous intellectual adaptability and agility of thought, Aquarians tend to force themselves into solitude and temporary silence to recharge their energetic batteries and restore their brainpower.

Aquarius is an air sign, which makes these folks incapable of droning through life thoughtlessly. Waterbearers use their intellect at every waking opportunity, accomplishing a great deal with their broad, logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of every living creature and being. Sure, sometimes they can over-think the small stuff to the point of neurosis, but this typically easygoing sign tends to shirk anxiety with their powerful sense of faith in the Universe’s dealings. Where there’s a will, there’s a way—plus, without mental stimulation, Aquarius will become paralyzed with boredom, blocking their motivation to strive for the best and brightest. When you’re as artistic and inventive as the Waterbearer, monotony is your greatest enemy, especially considering Aquarius’ call to advance the world in the spirit of their broad-minded beliefs and creeds. Never the revisionists or nostalgic types, new thoughts are what win the war—no matter how offbeat or bizarre their approach—these altruistic, humane people are steadfastly determined to make a difference. 

Independence is stimulating to Aquarius’ electric mind and is essential to their well-being. Waterbearers need to call their own shots and any feeble attempt at holding them back will be considered unfairly restrictive and cause them to jump ship. The Aquarius-born need a lot of space to grow, preferring to roam the wide world as global travelers and adventurous, freedom-loving spirits. Despite Aquarius’ aversion to being fenced in or limited, these souls remain ever-generous, so long as they’re giving within on their own terms and comfort level. These predilections can certainly be quirky and weird, but rest assured that their oddball ways can be overlooked as an Aquarian’s heart is righteous, sympathetic, and compassionate.   

Few are aware that Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Uranus and Saturn. Powerful Saturn was Aquarius’ original and ancient planetary ruler, shared with exacting Capricorn, and was considered the father of the gods in Greco-Roman mythology, but Uranus—discovered much later—was the oldest of the Olympian gods of antiquity. The combination of these two planets is incredibly powerful; Saturn, the ruler of maturity and responsibility and Uranus, who governs futuristic innovation and revolution. Uranus lends Aquarius their occasional shyness but also an abrupt communication style and visionary nature. Thanks to Uranus’ main rulership over Waterbearers, these personalities can easily envision the future, especially when it comes to their own goals. Aquarius can become distracted in their journey, but they always seem to have a clear grasp of where they’re going to be in the next five, 10, or 20 years. Uranus is also responsible for trademark Aquarian humanitarianism and forward-thinking mindset, blessing these folks with a knack for swift transformation. Saturn, the stoic taskmaster, is what allows Aquarius to launch their bright, revolutionary ideas into the world.

Aquarius’ love of thinking gives these folks a flair for the latest technologies.You can bet that if there’s a new gadget hitting the market that promises to revolutionize lives, Aquarius will be all over it—that is, if they didn’t invent it themselves! Change is embraced as boundless opportunity, causing rigid conformists to be shaken by Aquarius’ eccentricity and abhorrence of common norms. Aquarius’ creative brilliance and rebellious mind are their greatest assets when it comes to birthing new ideas and worldviews, but their approach can sometimes seem unnervingly unpredictable, and at times cold and impersonal. Waterbearers are comfortable acting and speaking from a place of expertise on nearly any subject and are masters at posturing to inflate their own importance and knowledge. If Aquarius senses intellectual weakness or dimwittedness in those who oppose their views, they won’t hesitate to pick and prod them in discourse. No harm is meant in their words, for the most part, Aquarius simply places these sorts in their conversational crosshairs as target practice for verbal sparring—though the other party might not take it so lightly.  

Those born under this sign have a reputation for being vibrantly witty and skilled talkers, and when they speak, they only speak the truth. Aquarius calls it like they see it, careless to whether their words may be shocking, cutting, or insensitive. It’s not that these folks disregard others’ feelings, they simply do not allow emotional reactions to cloud their sharp judgment. Secretly, Aquarius doesn’t trust their ever-fluctuating emotions in the moment, preferring to incorporate their emotional discoveries into their core identities and remain intellect-driven. Waterbearers are keenly observant and learn how to navigate society and interact with others through watching others. Their scientific, deeply empirical nature allows them to gather information objectively and churn that out into real-life wisdom, flying high above emotions altogether in their process. When they’re really determined, Aquarians can become masterful manipulators and fierce litigators employing nothing but carefully curated facts to justify their thoughts and actions. This is another key trait that makes them so brilliantly adaptable—especially in dealing with many different personality types. 

In Aquarius’ emotional center, they would never intentionally hurt anyone with their wild words and wacky opinions because of their deep respect for every human being and living creature, though that may not be apparent to more emotive, sensitive types. Aquarius possesses a “live and let live” policy toward life, encouraging every breathing thing to be themselves fully. Believing intrinsically that all are equal and entitled to their own opinions, Aquarius embodies the non-judgemental spirit of true freedom and personal liberty, even if their ideals differ vastly from theirs. The Waterbearer’s lifelong quest to be free of all shackles and constraints inspires these folks to always take a stand for freedom of speech and movement for all. 

Waterbearers cherish their many friends and family, and simply can’t get enough interpersonal interaction. Flirtatious and gregarious, Aquarius enjoys teamwork and collaboration, setting out to know every stranger they come in contact with. They certainly want to hang on to all of their connections—though you might not know it outright due to Aquarius’ completely open sense of self, freeing them from jealousy or possessiveness. Aquarius is the picture of personal detachment, but they can certainly form strong relationships and intimate bonds still. These personalities gravitate to others who are similarly easy-going since that air of aloof disengagement might be misinterpreted as disinterest. In fact, their tendency to emotionally “float” sometimes causes the Aquarius-born to feel like something is wrong with them in the intimacy department since they do not react like other people do in relationships. They often wonder if they’re missing out on something, thinking hard enough to even question their own existence.

Overall, Aquarius does want to be noticed and reassured that they’re “all right” in their uniqueness and eccentricity, which usually makes these people feel like outsiders or outcasts in their youth, or even throughout their lives. Waterbearers seek acceptance, particularly in knowing that their life’s work is useful to the betterment of others. These deep psychic insecurities rarely float to the surface for this secretly deep sign because, for Aquarius, the opinions of others aren’t so important. Yet another paradox in this sign, the Aquarian-born are secure in the idea that they are special—even anointed—to bless the future of humanity with their odd brand of brilliant intellectualism.

Physical Traits: How to Spot an Aquarius

Unlike some other signs, eccentric and wildly diverse Aquarius isn’t an easy sign to pick out by their appearance or personal style. Waterbearers tend to move in a fluid, relaxed way, almost appearing as if they’re floating languidly—or swiftly moving like wind over waves. Aquarius has a habit of lowering their heads in their posture, cocking their shoulders as if they’re constantly lost in pensive thought. These folks also are known to have fantastic legs, particularly the ankles and calves, since Aquarius rules those body parts. Likewise, Aquarians need to watch out for ankle sprains and other injuries in the legs; it’s no secret that Waterbearers are prone to such calamity due to their madcap clumsiness! (You can’t blame them, their minds are always on something else.) Those born under the sign of Aquarius also lean toward androgyny, relishing in their unusualness, even seeming gracefully alienesque in some ways, physically.

The Aquarian complexion is luminous and clear, but it can also be reflective of their overall health. Underlying physical and mental issues, like stress, show up in their skin before surfacing anywhere else. Their eyes show their holistic health in a similar way, but much less obviously. Typically, the eyes are the focal point of the Aquarian face, appearing brilliant, bright, shiny, and completely unafraid, probing but friendly and genial with long, lush eyelashes. The brow is often squared-off and focused, thanks to their dual rulership of Saturn, which expresses how deep in thought these signs constantly are.

Waterbearers’ are characteristically quiet, soft-spoken people—which differs greatly from their bold, rebellious attitudes and ideas. Instead of expressing anything vocally, their emotions can be read easily and simply on their faces, and through their brilliant smiles. Aquarians are also blessed with a striking head of hair, which is usually naturally thick and dark. As they mature, Aquarius will likely adopt a number of hairstyles and hair colors—the more unusual, experimental, and odd, the better! Aquarius’ entire appearance is welcoming and non-threatening, sparkling with curiosity in their eternal expedition to discover anything odd and futuristic.  

Personal Style

Aquarius is as stylish and bubbly as their air sign siblings Libra and Gemini—but with a distinct flair for experimentation and the bizarre. Waterbearers absolutely love getting a rise out of conformists and squares with their adventurous sense of style. These signs are completely unafraid to try new things throughout their sartorial lives, yet they tend to be most comfortable with natural, even hippie-ish styles, futuristic, extraterrestrial-inspired looks, and down-to-business, classic uniform-style outfits. That’s quite the disparagement indeed, a reflection of Aquarius’ complex, paradoxical nature. 

Waterbearers aren’t as concerned as finding their own trademark style as they are with breaking all fashion rules. These signs love defiant, asymmetrical cuts and silhouettes, and like to lean toward androgynous, gender-bending looks. The more shocking, the better—Aquarius considers being labeled quirky a victory. Mixing and matching offbeat styles with vintage finds is another sartorial strength, combining the eccentric with the super-serious. Aquatic colors, like turquoise, navy, and electric blue look dashing on Waterbearers, as well as space-age metallics and wacky neons. The only thing Aquarius seems to be picky about is their footwear: It must be comfortable as well as functional and chic. Likewise, Aquarius won’t stock their wardrobe or their beauty regimen with anything that’s harmful to the world, opting for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, and fair trade and labor products and brands.

Compatible Signs

Aquarius is notorious for being able to get along with practically everyone, collecting new friends and contacts everywhere they go. But Waterbearers can be very timid and hesitant to open up to intimacy at the same time. These folks love to observe others and approach new connections with intellectualism and logic, as well as their eternal search for common ground with other human beings.

Being an air sign, the Aquarian-born tend to be drawn to their sibling air signs Gemini and Libra, as well as other Waterbearers. These personalities can match Aquarius’ intellectualism, curiosity, and flighty nature better than most signs, which make them lasting friends and companions. Fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and especially Leo—their polar-opposite sign—are what truly get an Aquarius’ circulation flowing in the direction of their hearts (and loins!). Usually, it’s the active, aggressive fire signs whose passions are stoked by Aquarius’ fascinating mind and unique worldview, since the element of fire needs oxygen—air—to survive, seeking out this fresh, lively energy. Aquarius appreciates the fire signs’ vibrancy, adventurousness, courage, and sense of humor, and will form lifelong bonds with these signs that aren’t easily broken. 

Shadow Side

You can’t pick a better brain to have around, but the Aquarius personality isn’t a “what you see is what you get” bargain. The 11th sign of the zodiac is one of the most complicated and difficult to pin down, lending Aquarius a reputation for frustrating and baffling habits. For one, Aquarius is intensely flighty and detached, which makes it difficult for these signs to finish their many projects. Even though they’re typically jacks of all trades, they still somehow become masters of all, yet would get much more done if they could fix their focus and discipline themselves more in work.

Emotions aren’t Aquarius’ strong suit, either, but it’s not because they’re insensitive or unconcerned. Waterbearers can seem extremely aloof, cold, abrupt, and sometimes aggressive when feelings enter the mix, which can alienate and deter others from coming any closer. Actually, that’s exactly what they want when they employ their telltale detachment: They’re simply putting up shields to protect their timid, shy spirit from getting too hot or agitated from premature or rushed intimacy. Aquarius would do well to embrace their emotional side more, if only for a new experience to add to their wealth of wisdom. Plus, opening up and being a little warmer could certainly earn them more points on the social front, which is their druthers.

Another irritating tactic Aquarius tends to adopt is an uncompromising, stubborn sarcasm. The Aquarian-born are frighteningly adept at getting into the minds—and under the skin—of those who disagree or oppose their viewpoints. Actually, this is a fabulous strength in arguing and litigating for Aquarius but can seem mean-spirited and demeaning to some. Waterbearers can’t turn down an opportunity to spar verbally, being such fantastic conversationalists and silver-tongued brainiacs, but they may want to consider their tone and choice of words before launching a full-scale psychological attack through discourse.

Though I will admit it’s a thrilling sport to watch an Aquarius lay into weak logic or sordid rhetoric, these frighteningly genius thinkers should consider their audience and whether or not they seek to cut them off or work with them. After all, Aquarius is all about humanitarian efforts and generally crusading to make the world better for all. This can’t always be achieved when they’re unwittingly racking up ideological enemies—or can it? That’s how scarily wiley these air signs’ minds are: Just as you think you’ve turned out a new foe, Aquarius turns on their affable, unpredictable social charm and non-threatening natural energy to lure the opposition back into their friendly, social network.