All About Sagittarius: Your Complete Guide to the Sun Sign

Aka the Archer

by christie craft

All About Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21 

Symbol: The Centaur, the Archer

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Body part: Liver, hips, thighs, pelvis and the femur

Personal Mantra: I Aim, I discover

Crystal: Topaz, Sapphire, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ametrine, Citrine

Colors: Navy blue, turquoise, orange, maroon, royal purple, petal pink, cream and white hues.

Luckiest Numbers: 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 33

Positive Traits: Generous, idealistic, humorous, curious, adventurous, truthful, fair, philosophical, independent, energetic, jovial, conversational.

Negative Traits: Impatient, tactless, boastful, brash, inconsistent, aggressive.

Most Likely BFFs: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra.

Most Likely to be Bae: Gemini, Libra, Leo, Aries.

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Scorpio, Capricorn

Famous Sagittariuses:

Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj

Jay Z

Tyra Banks

Edith Piaf

Amanda Seyfried

Winston Churchill

Miley Cyrus

Matthew Shepard

Ozzy Osbourne

Ludwig van Beethoven

Julianne Moore

Chrissy Teigen

Ben Stiller

Sandra Cisneros

Brad Pitt

Taylor Swift

Sarah Paulson

Mark Twain

Tina Turner

Jane Fonda

Jane Austen

Sarah Silverman


Hailee Steinfeld

Rita Ora

Trey Songz

DJ Khaled

Jake Gyllenhaal

Vanessa Hudgens

Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes

Steven Spielberg

Dame Judi Dench

Nelly Furtado

Jonah Hill

Milla Jovovich  

Sagittarius, the unlikely, sometimes hapless heroes are the centaur cavalry of the zodiac, heralding in true winter, and bringing the fall harvest season to a close in the Northern Hemisphere with a rain of fiery, golden arrows. And that’s not just purple prose; this quirky bunch of adventuresome beasts is bursting with energy and optimism, blessed with an unparalleled lust and curiosity for finding the true meaning in life, whatever that is. Though Sag is prone to intense bouts of boasting and exaggeration, the ninth sign of the zodiac is just as powerful and driven internally as they seem on the surface. Once the Archer has a goal in the crosshairs, Sagittarius will stop at nothing, moving mountains to ensure that they get their way—just as long as victory has a deeper, more altruistic purpose than pure ego satisfaction. Make no mistake: Sag the handsome, virile Centaur loves themselves some self-serving praise and has a tendency to crave an embarrassing level of cushioning for that sensitive, easily bruised ego. Sagittarius has strength in spades and an uncanny talent for manifesting their thoughts into bold actions, yet their sheer stamina is tempered by a complex moodiness. 

Known as the wandering philosophers of astrology, Sagittarius-born folks with birthdays between November 21 and December 22 can’t resist the siren song of travel and exploration. After all, they are ruled by the Ninth House of Philosophy. Discovering the deepness of the human experience makes those born under the Archer constellation avid globetrotters and informed citizens of the world, often seizing any and every opportunity to experience diverse cultures firsthand. Though these signs are known to ramble, it’s never simply a mindless jaunt they’re seeking. Motivated by truth through personal, physical experience, Sag is keenly aware that the only way they’re going to get the answers they desire deep in their psyche is with hands-on involvement and lively conversations with everyday people.

The lynchpin of the Sagittarius personality is their inextinguishable hunger for knowledge. Broad-minded and curious, philosophy, logic, spirituality, and world religions stoke their passion for understanding. Sagittarius is constantly on a quest of learning, storing away every new fact and piece of essential information for a later day. Though obsessed with grappling with higher philosophical theory—like the meaning of life, or more specifically for Sag, the meaning of their life in a larger pattern of personalities—it’s crucial for the Archer to feel free, easy, and independent as they like in their adventures. This trademark openness is the backbone of this personality’s point of view, ultimately motivating their endless search for the philosophical answers to existence and coexistence with diverse peoples across the globe. For Sagittarius, relishing a sense of pure freedom and spiritedness is their most precious treasure, since only this whimsy will propel these personalities to explore and travel at will, collecting new ways of thinking, spirituality, and innovation. 

Clear-thinkers and strategists to the max, Sagittarius aims to view the bigger picture over endless tiny details making up life’s mosaic. No sign craves change quite so ferociously as the Centaur, remaining optimistic and enthusiastic about every single challenge and curveball thrown their way. Sagittarius takes the crown as possibly the most extroverted personality of the zodiac, constantly reaching to remain in touch with the world at large. Hungry to experience as much as possible in their lifetime, Sag’s energy seems to be boundless—not to mention their famously boisterous, crystalline sense of humor, just another tool in their armory for getting down with the masses.    

Represented by the Archer-Centaur, Sagittarius’ symbolism is two-fold. The Archer, who points their bow and arrow expertly at the heavens, is always aiming for a higher purpose among the stars. The Centaur, a human’s torso with the body of a galloping horse, is a nod to the ancient Roman mythical symbol of intellectualism and worldly allure. Sagittarius themselves are usually a blend of these two archetypes: Lofty and idealistic, physically strong, and an always aspirational figure for others, blessing these personalities with a true animal magnetism.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansiveness, and luck. Often called the “Father of Fortune,” Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and was once represented by the ancient Greco-Roman father and King of all Gods. Sagittarius’ cosmic pedigree is synonymous with royalty, and their overt generousness and noble way of moving through the world is a testament to just that. Sag-born people, or those with heavy Sagittarius influences in their natal chart, are born leaders, often easily taking command of a group, much like a military leader heads companies and platoons. Always a fair and understanding leader, Sag’s expansive worldview—a gift from Jupiter—gives them a finesse with those under their command, forever looking to humankind for knowledge, to understand the greater answers. Still, they are unflinching in their outspokenness when it comes to their beliefs and ethics. At times, this exuberance can lead to a rash of exaggeration, usually a product of their unbridled optimism.

Thanks to Father Jupiter, Sagittarius is known to have Lady Luck perpetually on their side. Their planetary ruler’s golden glow makes them quick to gamble, feeling both struck by supernatural fortune and smarter, more cunning than their competitors. This can lead to foolhardy behavior in some less-mature Sagittarians, turning to self-indulgence and relying on the fact that things come so easily to them. Their charming, sociable nature makes Sag a winner no matter what, but those that meander into procrastination and laziness would do well to snap the whip on their self-discipline. Once Sag gets back into the game, the process of exploration and wonder will once again take over. And if a Centaur is smart enough to mature, they’ll be able to transform their worldly knowledge into lessons for others, earning their stripes as the master teachers and philosophers of astrology. 

Not surprisingly, Sagittarius is associated with the element of fire. Quick and uncontrollable, Sag is known to move through the world like flames, flitting from one goal to the next without regret. Action and adventure is what fiery Sagittarius is fueled by—and hopefully, conclusive victories if the Sag in question is grounded enough to focus. Life for a fire sign like Sag is a contact sport, played full-on with no holds barred. This is why these folks’ lives are so filled with great achievements and experiences. The Sag-born are also known for being intensely physical, often some of the most accomplished athletes of the zodiac. Fiery stamina transfers into all areas of their life, though, bolstering even the most sedate, lazy Centaurs. 

Sagittarians have the gift of gab practically from the moment they can speak, a direct influence of the fire element. Archers can be so outgoing and lively that they do not realize what they’re saying, making them prone to enthusiastically overstepping personal boundaries haplessly. These people can talk so fast and so much, they don’t leave themselves enough time to process thoughts, often driving them to throw their foot in their mouth and leave some hurt feelings in their path. Of course, Sag doesn’t mean to hurt anyone—these are some of the most congenial, people-persons ever, after all. Those that get to know Sagittarius well quickly learn that this sign’s tendency for a runaway mouth is truly one of their most endearing flaws. More often than not, though, Sagittarius’ words hold more weight in inspiring and educating others. Sag attracts others in spades, a delightful side effect of being so outgoing and fun-loving, these personalities know how to have a good time. Confidence is another trait Centaurs have in hearty abundance, which is a beacon of friendship, trust, and sheer attraction in others. Archers’ social roster is an ever-changing lineup of diverse, interesting people—Sagittarius thrives off of socializing.

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign belonging to a group consisting of four signs—a “quadruplicity”—who occur at the tail-end of their season, transitioning into the next, like Sagittarius in late fall-early winter, Virgo in late summer-early autumn, Gemini in late spring-early summer, and Pisces in late winter-early spring. Sag’s mutable quality makes these personalities incredibly adaptable, no matter the situation. Limber and flexible in philosophy, Sag, along with other Mutable signs, can easily bend and adapt to any problem’s bumps and curves. These people are less concerned with what others think than they are with finding the smartest path with the least resistance to achieving their personal vision of success. If that means conforming to society’s more conservative paths, so be it; but if personal victory necessitates jumping from the frying pan and into the freaky fires of counterculture, the Archer will gladly take up La Vie Boheme.

These signs will listen to what another has to say, even if they’re in stark disagreement with their views. Learning and understanding before taking a stand is key for Sag, though of course, they can’t resist someone who agrees with their viewpoints, ultimately fluffing the Sagittarian ego. Endearingly, Sagittarius tends to put it all out there on the table, living candidly in a unique sense. These personalities are incapable of concealing their feelings and thoughts, ignoring established rules and mores for their own benefit—especially if they see the rules as pointless or silly. Though these signs can be fidgety and unable to stay motionless, Sag is incredibly self-assured. You can absolutely count on any Sagittarian to cheer you up when you’re down, but they live by the golden rule and will dole out the same respect you give them.

Physical Traits: How to Spot a Sag

The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the lower half of the body, including the hips, thighs, legs, lower back, and pelvis. Their legs are typically long, shapely, and strong, no matter their height. Similarly, these signs tend to possess elegant, unusually long torsos. Regardless of body type, Sagittarian movements are unmistakable, always seeming agile, energetic, and athletic. Sags are known for their beautiful, well-built legs—these signs are infamous for having booty for days. Sagittarius’ physicality gives them the build for challenging sports and fitness routines, however, this sign should be mindful of overdoing it. Sag-born people are known to injure themselves when they do not stretch their legs properly or adequately. 

Sagittarians tend to have oval-shaped faces that are well proportioned with strong bone structure and a wide forehead. Typically, their faces are sunny and welcoming, with a button nose, bright eyes sparkling with optimism, and happy lips almost always curled into a curious grin. Their noses are usually strikingly symmetrical, though some may be a bit crooked—a mark of having their nose broken, either in a scuffle or in vigorous physical activity (neither are unusual for Sag). In fact, most Sagittarians have some kind of scar or obvious battle wound on their visage or upper body. Sagittarius’ hair tends to be thick and shiny, though it may begin to thin or recede later on in life. 

Personal Style

Sagittarius is easily spotted by their eclectic yet sophisticated flair for showing off their travels and worldly smarts through their personal style. Moody colors like deep navies, purples, crimsons, and maroons tend to be Sag’s power colors, but this sign can conjure a similarly dramatic effect with bright yellows, burnt oranges, and neutral cream hues. Sagittarius-born people can’t resist vibrant colors, always taking bold, daring chances with their aesthetic, both in their wardrobe and home decor. Don’t be shy—Sag certainly isn’t. This sign doesn’t mind one bit being noticed—in fact, they prefer it, conveying their fun, flirtatious outlook on life through their personal style. 

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius tends to get on with just about anyone, though there are definitely some signs that just do not gel with their relentlessly blunt, however, optimistic spirits. The Archer forms harmonious relationships with air signs like Gemini, as well as Libra and Aquarius, who share their drive for curiosity, adventure, and an untethered life philosophy. Fire cannot get enough of Air—after all, oxygen literally fuels fire—creating an addictive, passionate, sometimes caustic love affair. Other fire signs, though, are who really speak the Sagittarian tongue. And Aries, Leo, and other Sagittariuses will all feel drawn to fiery Sag, who will gladly reciprocate, as long as many heart-pumping, mind-expanding adventures are promised and delivered. 

Shadow Side

Fun and curious, Sagittarian souls keep the party jumping—but these highly volatile personalities harbor much more than their optimistic, flirty exteriors allow you to see. Sagittarius is a handful—or rather, a mouthful—when it comes to running away with their thoughts, words, and ideas. Even they themselves cannot control, predict, or pacify their mouths, which seem to constantly attract their feet. 

Impatient, tactless, boastful, brash, inconsistent, aggressive. Jeez, that’s in stark contrast to Sagittarius’ otherwise breezy, congenial side. It’s true that being around those born under the Centaur constellation is like a non-stop adventure in personal freedom, but all that swashbuckling hubris these signs have can reach a critical mass, overflowing and becoming toxic, rather than fun and non-committal. Sagittarius’ greatest strength—their optimistic outlook—will give them a surplus of confidence that can be to their detriment. Winning constantly can turn these personalities into overindulged brats, and with self-awareness not being their strongest weapon, can fall out of favor quickly. 

Sagittarius relies on the Universe to bring them what they need (or want) in life, and typically their instincts are right on the money. But since Sag always has something to say, they can easily become impatient or careless when communicating their messages too hastily. Everything has an air of urgency for Sagittarius, a major pain point in getting bigger-picture goals accomplished, little by little. Plus, Sag’s enthusiasm about literally everything pushes them off cliffs, sometimes miring them in interpersonal drama from a word or idea let loosed on the world without prior thought. Carelessness is common in these super-successful signs, usually a result of—again—literally always getting their way, leading to taking everything for granted. Inconsistent performance is another pain point for Sag, especially when overconfidence and carelessness take root in their psyches.

Relentless honesty is one of Sag’s best traits. Relentlessness, in general, is one of their most vital characteristics, which can lead them to push far too forcefully to win, becoming rigidly impatient and aggressive. Sagittarians are the folks you want on your side when you need to hear the truth with no frills. However, Sagittarians are infamous for overdoing it on the brutal honesty, which can become tactless and rude, even somewhat hurtful to more sensitive signs. Similarly, Sag can become so filled with self-confidence that their positivity and optimism turns boastful and brash. For some, this is just another endearing quality to get used to, but for others, this unchecked bravado is like nails on a chalkboard—the kind that turns friends into enemies.