Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

All About Virgo: Your Complete Guide To The Sun Sign

Everything you need to know about Virgo the Virgin

by christie craft

All About Virgo: August 22 – September 22

Symbol: The Virgin

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth  

Quality: Mutable

Body part: The intestines, the nervous system  

Personal Mantra: I analyze

Crystal: Peridot, Sapphire, Amber, Green Jade, Citrine

Colors: White (purity), neutral beige and tan hues, golden yellow, mustard, muted shades of green   

Luckiest Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Positive Traits: Intelligent, responsible, practical, observant, meticulous, gentle, analytical

Negative Traits: Overly self-critical, harsh, unimaginative, fussy, nervous, judgmental, skeptical, timid

Most Likely BFFs: Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer

Most Likely to be Bae: Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius 

Famous Virgos:

Beyonce Knowles


Michael Jackson

Paul Walker

Steven King

Greta Garbo

Virginal Virgo often finds themselves on the spit, being roasted by the zodiac for their precision and purity, which is commonly misunderstood as pedantic pickiness. Though the sixth sign of the 12 is exacting and can be critical, Virgo’s keen eye for detail and discernment makes them some of the most observant, careful souls around. Industrious and methodological, Virgo the Virgin won’t be able to sleep a wink if anything is left to chance. But this all-hands-on-deck approach isn’t simply the stuff of an obsessive-compulsive power trip; no, Virgo involves themselves in every nitpicky little detail because underneath all their armor of organization and conservative respectability hides their tender servant’s heart, desperately longing to help others and be put to good use.

Efficiency is Virgo’s bread and butter, baby, and if something doesn’t make sense logically, well, these signs are keen to throw the baby out with the bathwater, opting to scratch everything and go back to the drawing board. Virgo’s deep sense of duty and humanity drives them to use their intense brainpower and industry for the greater good. Nothing fills Virgo with more joy and fulfillment like helping others, something that isn’t readily seen by others unless they’re intimately involved with Virgo.

Another cardinal reason for Virgos being so misunderstood is their symbol, the Virgin. She is often depicted as the maiden of the harvest, bearing the “sheaf of wisdom” illustrating the signs of the late summer to the edges of autumn, when Virgo’s constellation appears in the sky. But Virgo the “Virgin” shouldn’t be taken literally—these personalities are far from prudes. Still, these signs are often are painted with a broad, puritanical brushstroke. Virgos are innately physical thanks to being associated with the element of earth and are rarely celibate. It’s not their sexuality that is virginal in nature, but their composure, personal identity, and reputation, which they are diligent about keeping pure and squeaky clean. Virgo’s attraction to all things pure and natural doesn’t exclude them from dabbling in the dirty and artificial. They’re not afraid to get down into darkness if the task will result in new knowledge or understanding of some kind. Virgos, after all, are one of the most intensely curious signs of the zodiac, though this trait is often mistaken for white-hot passion. 

The idea of the Virgin as associated with the purity of the natural world also comes into play with the sixth sign of the zodiac. Virgo’s love of nature and all things “natural” and healthy keep these hard-working folks balanced and self-sufficient, even in the most stressful of times. In times of extreme tension and pressure, Virgo will maintain a self-contained image, at least on the surface, much like a swan gliding effortlessly atop glassy waters as their flipper feet kick manically below the stream. For Virgo, modesty and humility go much farther in the face of struggle than the ol’ razzle dazzle more fiery signs might exhibit in times of crisis. And while other signs may label Virgo as repressed goody-goodies, the Virgin is quick to disagree, noting dignity and grace in their conservative, often shy nature.

Virgo is ruled by the wing-footed messenger god Mercury, who also rules Virgo’s unlikely celestial sister, Gemini. Mercury, who is in charge of communication, knowledge, and technology, lends Virgo their legendary brainpower and lust for information and know-how. Though unlike Gemini’s helter-skelter cerebral agility, Virgo’s intelligence and mental backbending is rather organized and “by the book.” Because Virgo’s mind is constantly in overdrive—almost as if it’s in competition with itself—these personalities are total whiz kids when it comes to getting shit done the right way, down to the last nitty-gritty detail. Aside from being lightning-fast bundles of sheer mental energy, Virgos are also skilled communicators, thanks to Mercury, and often follow career paths as writers, journalists, and other publishing professionals. Make no mistake, Virgo knows how to employ their mental acuity to maximum advantage.

Still, that powerful intellectual energy can sabotage thoughtful, gentle Virgo, overpowering their minds and evoking tendencies toward over-thinking everything. This obsessive nature can lead to overkill, particularly because these signs are so prone to skepticism. You can bet that fictional characters like Gillian Anderson’s masterful Agent Dana Scully à la The X-Files might’ve been born under this sign—but you’d be engaging in a Sisyphean battle trying to prove astrological legitimacy to these types. At best, analytical Virgo easily falls for research and study, as they truly want to understand everything to a detailed degree (a trait we’d likely associate more with Mulder, to wit).

Virgo-born folks simply love poring over detailed projects and assignments, effortlessly summoning their sharp logic and practicality to get the job done. Virgins absolutely live for the tiny, fine-print details, literally reveling in the minutiae of tasks. Fact-finding missions are Virgo’s druthers and leaving no detail overlooked and no stone unturned, Virgos are industrious workers who tend to be quick studies with sharp minds. Don’t ever try to put one over on Virgo; much like Scorpio, these fierce detectives are likely 10 steps ahead of you.

As an earth sign, Virgos tend to be extremely grounded, “salt of the earth” types who are innately honest (sometimes to their detriment) and deeply rooted in realism. There are no sparklers or fireworks in Virgo’s production, and for good reason: These earthy Virgins would so much rather be chill and humble over allowing themselves to get all worked up. Much like their elemental sibling sign, Taurus, Virgo has a taste for nice things. Virgin-born people tend to love fine material possessions but will become exceedingly picky about what they choose to surround themselves with. Because of this quality, many Virgos are mislabeled as materialistic and self-centered, but really Virgo’s most primal desire is making sure that everything is functional and makes sense for their day-to-day lives.

Earth signs like Virgo are acutely physical people, making them warm lovers and high-achieving athletes. Virgo is hyper-aware of their body at all times, which can push these personalities to become health nuts—or worse, total hypochondriacs. (In fact, because of Virgo’s whip-smart and research-hungry minds, combined with their constant awareness and sharp observational skills, hypochondria, and self-diagnosis can be a dark skeleton in their mind’s closet—that is, if they don’t go into a medical profession.) These folks are always thirsty for more information about the physical body, which sometimes turns Virgo into a virtual database of health, fitness, and medical information. Exercise, for Virgo, is elemental to living a balanced, healthy life. Pushing their bodies to the limit isn’t such a chore for Virgo because the benefits always outweigh the process in their mind.

Since knowledge and information are Virgo’s most powerful currency, these signs are meticulous when it comes to hearing all sides of a story and gathering all the facts before making a clear-cut decision. This trait has built Virgo a solid reputation as one of the most fair and balanced signs of the zodiac, a quality that can be traced back to the Virgin as a mutable sign. Virgo belongs to a group of four signs called a “quadruplicity,” mutable signs are the adapters of the zodiac, as their signs come at the end of their season, concluding one and beginning another. Virgo finishes out summer and transitions into fall, Sagittarius follows by closing fall into winter, Pisces arrives at the tail-end of winter and welcomes spring, and Gemini comes as spring’s last hurrah before summer officially begins. Even though Virgo is prone to discomfort when change is afoot, as a mutable sign these personalities are not necessarily stubborn, but rather the chameleons of the zodiac who have the know-how and grit to go with the flow and make the best out of whatever situation they find themselves in. Resourcefulness is Virgo’s strength, and their gentleness allows them to transition from space to emotional space without a great deal of stress.

Though Virgo can handle change a little better than its earthy elemental sibling signs, these personalities don’t like to set themselves apart and will certainly not dive into the spotlight. As shy, reserved creatures, Virgos tend to be deeply uncomfortable when singled out or faced with any kind of celebrity. Virgo prefers to blend into the background—as long as they feel useful and appreciated—or better yet, set up shop as the “brain” of the operation behind the scenes, like so many Virgo-born writers and directors. They are extremely sensitive to their environments and are notorious for becoming embarrassed easily. And although these signs do adapt to their environments with little struggle, that doesn’t mean it’s a quick process. At first, Virgo will remain shy—but once they’re comfortable, these earthy intellectuals are capable of talking your head off about practically any subject matter that interests them.

Hard-working and ambitious, Virgos are respectable pragmatists with an arsenal of knowledge and practical solutions. Many Virgo-born people slip into becoming workaholics, becoming unmoored and unfocused if they aren’t completely consumed by a detail-driven project or puzzle. Their dead-on decisiveness and knack for nosing out the most logical option can be unparalleled, setting these folks up for success in business. Nervousness, on the other hand, tends to plague this sign, driving them to become restless—even when busy at work. Virgo spars with a great fear of under-performing and disappointing others, almost constantly. Those that try to calm their nerves by lying to themselves about their level of responsibility will surely feel a vague sense of discomfort and discontent at abandoning duty.

Despite lacking confidence or stage presence, Virgos are proud of their work routines and habits, mostly because they think they’ve mastered the best way to do things—and they usually have! Regardless, their nervousness wins, forcing these signs to shy away from sharing their unfinished work with other eyes. Likewise, most Virgos are quite fussy and private when it comes to their offices and workspaces.

Virgo wants to do everything right and will feel utterly incomplete if they allow themselves to be associated with a less-than-perfect job. Perfectionism can often cloud Virgo’s thinking; These personalities love picking things apart but have trouble with putting them back together, sometimes neglecting to see the bigger picture. Tremendously neat and clean, Virgo is exceedingly discriminating and knows their well-honed tastes are second to none. Though there are certainly a few messy Virgins out there, these are the personalities you want to have around to keep things in order as they are reliable and practical to the extreme.

As such an intensely curious sign, many Virgins become connoisseurs—their attention to details and enormous observational powers give them the ability to learn all of the ins and outs of any subject they so choose. Virgos are incredibly hard on themselves, and while their ironclad self-discipline might be a factor in their success, these self-punishers would do well to loosen their grip once in awhile. Falling in love tends to help Virgo lighten up, as these are very devotional lovers and partners. The exception is their predisposition to becoming jealous easily, which is a major stressor on many a Virgo’s romantic life.  

Virgos are known worrywarts notorious for becoming plagued with anxiety, thanks to all that massive brainpower they’re wielding. Exercise helps, but because Virgo the Virgin rules the intestines as well as the nervous system, many late-August and September-born people have trouble with their digestive systems and bowels reacting negatively to nervousness, stress, and generalized anxiety. When upset, Virgo’s surroundings and environments do wonders for soothing their jangled nerves. Many choose to decorate with warm earth tones, especially yellows, golds, mustards, and neutral hues like shades of tan or beige.

Virgo-born people tend to be rather slender or even willowy, with an oval-shaped or very angular, chiseled face, and very squared-off shoulders. Virgos are known to be late bloomers, often not coming into their own physically until a bit later in life. Their eyes are bright and inquisitive and their craniums tend to be well-formed and solid, giving credence to their sheer brainpower. If these signs neglect proper hydration, toxicity will show up in their faces, dulling their skin and causing clogged pores and breakouts. Virgos are elegant and serious, sometimes even preppy when it comes to their personal style. Aside from tending to be taller than average, Virgos don’t possess telltale physical traits like some of the other signs. Why? Because they loathe being noticed.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

Shadow Self

Virgo, though utterly self-contained, tends to possess the type of psychological constitution that’s deeply sensitive to attitudes rendered by parental influence. These signs are silently connected to their mothers, usually for the entirety of their lives, and will exhibit the negative or “shadow” traits of this astrological archetype if they’ve been observed in their parents’ behavior or encouraged by their guardians. Virgos are creatures of habit, to be sure, and their steadfast dedication to routine and reform for the greater good of productivity means that this sign is accomplished in self-improvement. 

One of the cardinal negative traits of Virgos occurs when their analytical minds take a turn from brilliant into obsessive, driving these people to overthink and overanalyze to a detrimental degree. Sometimes, Virgo simply takes things too seriously and overlooks the humor during these phases of a hyperactive mind. Other times, it completely stifles their creativity, dulling their imaginations completely until they are able to “let go.” This same tendency can turn normally gentle Virgo into a harsh critic, doling out jabs and pokes in ways that can be classified as unsupportive and overly critical. When Virgo gets themselves into this sort of rut in their thinking, they are utterly incapable of taking jokes or speaking in hypotheticals, which can be so boring—a total wet blanket.

These signs aren’t typically the innovators that Aquarius or Gemini might be, rather opting for tried-and-true methods they know will be successful. This quality lends Virgo a super-conservative nature, closing them off to modern or new ways of thinking. They may even become fearful of new methods, as they do not want to face the humiliation that comes with failure for them.

In that same vein, Virgos are some of the biggest skeptics out there, which typically works to their advantage most of the time. They are inquisitive and curious and won’t simply buy what you’re selling outright. Again, this hurts their imagination and creative development if their probing mind isn’t reined in a bit and tempered with humor and art. Virgo’s mind is capable of many things, but it’s hard work for some of these personalities to not go completely vanilla in their concepts.

Virgo, like their planetary sibling Gemini, is extremely susceptible to nervousness and anxiety, another function of their superpowered brains developing beyond their control. These signs are extreme worrywarts, as they like to be prepared for all possible outcomes of every situation imaginable. Sure, Virgo comes with Girl Scout levels of preparedness, but they’re so often the architects and engineers of systems, they tend to bite off more responsibility than they can chew. And because Virgo is ruled by the intestines, these signs are prone to carrying their stress in their stomachs and bowels, causing physical ailments in those areas when they become too worked up.

Becoming overly fastidious is another common trait in Virgos. These signs are perfectionists, which can get in the way of doing things quickly—or completely derail their entire day’s schedule (which will drive Virgo nuts). It’s a vicious cycle with Virgins: They will not be able to move on from one task to the next until they are completely confident that they’ve done a perfect job. Obviously, perfection is a myth, so this hamster-wheel mindset enslaves Virgo, ultimately resulting in self-punishment to the point of abuse. After all, Virgo the Virgin likes things to be exactly pure and will quickly become their own worst enemy with overly harsh criticism and self-sabotage.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

How to Love a Virgo

Known for being incredibly hard on themselves, when Virgo feels the gentle touch from a genuinely caring partner, they melt like butter and instantly loosen up. These signs get so worked up in their own minds, it often takes the interference of another person to release their Kung Fu grip on themselves and their routines. Finally, a moment of relaxation for pure and complex Virgo!

Even so, Virgos are not the fastest horse in the race when it comes to falling in love. Fastidious and careful, Virgo must analyze you, your shared dynamic, and every little detail in-between before allowing themselves to let their guard down. Because these signs are so cautious, they often benefit from being pursued by a more aggressive style of flirtation that leaves no questions about how their lover might feel, or what their true intentions are. Virgos—much like their ultra-compatible sidekick Scorpio—are meticulous detectives who will stop at nothing to find the truth if something smells fishy or dishonest in your motives to getting closer to them. Likewise, these signs are not very forward, which means they typically need someone else to take the reins in love and initiate a relationship. And while Virgo deeply appreciates direct, no-frills communication when it comes to emotional matters, they scare easily and will find outlandish theatrics in flirting and dating distasteful—total turn off.

As a subtle sign, Virgo prefers actions over words in love. Virgos are solid lovers, always opting for quality over quantity. To be sure, there are some Virgin cads and temptresses out there, but these genuinely earthy personalities would rather spend their time with one person consistently to build a concrete alliance with over many partners or one-night stands. Many times these are the serial monogamists, only they tend to stay with their partners for years and years—especially if they’ve established some comfy routines together. Nothing comforts dear Virgo more than a pattern they can set their clocks to.

Virgo’s sex appeal isn’t always obvious. That’s not to say they aren’t hot—their seriousness can really smolder sometimes. It’s just that these genius types happen to possess the sexiest brains of the zodiac, something you can’t necessarily emphasize on the surface. Virgos are innately attracted to intelligence and self-sufficiency, craving a partner who can get down and dirty into all the fascinating little details of learning new things and sparking interesting conversations. You need to be able to hold your own with just about any subject matter Virgo plucks from the atmosphere. Nothing revs Virgo’s engine quite like a partner whose brainpower matches and complements theirs. Still, love isn’t always Virgo’s main priority, so you must be patient with these workaholic brainiacs if you expect to have a relationship with them.      

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

Most Compatible Matches

Shy Virgo is known to embarrass easily, especially when it comes to meeting new people and being exposed to new dynamics. These signs find great comfort in similarities, because they already understand the mechanisms and won’t become intimidated by having to figure something new out (even though tasks requiring them to pull things apart and get down to brass tacks thrills them). Other earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn make reliable partners, lusty, physical lovers, and some of the best friends a Virgo can hope for. Other Virgos work very well with them, but may turn any excitement into dull oatmeal if they don’t work to liven things up every once in awhile. Water element signs, especially exacting, psychological Scorpio and adaptable, dreamy Pisces—a fellow mutable sign and their direct opposite on the wheel—make the best matches for Virgo, as they expand their sometimes too-narrow minds. Maternal Cancer, another water sign, is also beautifully compatible with Virgo, and will make them comfortable in order to grow. The only issue with Cancer is their quickness to express tears and fears, waves of emotions that Virgo sometimes can’t weather, opting to jump ship for steady ground instead.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management


Virgos, though not the most expressive of the zodiac, are some of the most useful folks to have friendships and alliances with. These signs are the fixers and problem-solvers, the ones who will jump at the opportunity to help you with a misbehaving computer or with a burnt-out lightbulb that’s just too high up to reach. Rest assured, Virgo will be there in two shakes of a Virgin’s rump, and probably bring along a six-pack of summer wheat ale.

Virgo’s friendship is very family oriented in the sense that their love is unconditional. Though you may feel frustrated by their stoic approach, Virgo’s cool head and uncanny ability to dissect any problem whatsoever gives them a sturdy shoulder for you to lean your head on in tough times and complicated emotional situations. However, these personalities don’t mince words, rather delivering their opinions in straightforward, blunt, and sometimes harsh methods. Don’t ask a Virgo’s opinion if you don’t want them to break it down! Sometimes, the truth is tough to hear from these earthly souls.

Regardless, their words won’t be used as barbs against you, rather these folks are intensely committed to tough love. Sometimes, you might feel like Virgo is being cold, but truly these personalities aim to separate their emotions from logic so that they don’t muddle the most effective, reasonable solution with outside influences.

Though Virgo seeks comfort in sameness and predictability, Virgos tend to have eclectic friend groups, simply as a function of their intense curiosity. They may not be super-tight with all of their pals (in fact, they mainly remain super-tight with other earth elementals and water signs, for those are the most comfy relationships), but they like to have a wide swathe of different personality types handy in case they need to use their thinking style as a resource in the future. Virgos tend to be shy, but they can’t say no to a puzzle—and what’s more of a puzzle than personality? They do appreciate different views, and thanks to their ruling planet Mercury, Virgo is quick to chuckle and laugh with their friends.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

How to Lose a Virgo

Virgos are finicky and come with a whole litany of turn-offs. Firstly, many wrongly label Virgo as being “cheap” or ungenerous when it comes to money. Not so, Virgo just likes things balanced and as equal as possible, meaning they like things split down the middle, fair and square. Virgos are likely to insist on paying for themselves on dates and outings, and the less-tactful ones may be oblivious if you expect them to pay for you, too. Being overly presumptuous about money or coming with expectations will sour the mood with Virgo, as will your inability to keep things equal, money-wise. Even worse is quarreling with Virgo about debts and money. Good luck pulling the wool over Virgo’s observant, calculating eyes; these folks are the ones most likely to keep a vault of receipts catalogued for like a decade.

Same goes for flakiness. There’s no quicker way to lose the respect of a discriminating Virgo than unreliability and disorganization. Forgetting important dates, showing up late, or otherwise, flighty behavior will be a huge red flag for earthy Virgins. These personalities are extremely careful with where they invest their resources and time, and will not gamble their hearts with someone who makes them nervous or seems irresponsible, even with little things. To be sure, your Virgo is watching, nitpicking everything and analyzing you to the nth degree. They need to be confident that they can count on you before anything else.

Don’t get too cozy with Virgo too quickly; these signs are intensely shy and sometimes guarded, and as earth signs are very physical and value their personal space and boundaries. Just try to hug or caress a Virgo you don’t know well and watch them veritably turn into a plank of wood, all but shuddering at your touch. Likewise, don’t tell them your life story on the first date. Virgo appreciates mystery and working hard to get to know you. Virgo the Virgin sees their potential companions as sexy puzzles to figure out—the greatest aphrodisiac is letting them piece together who you are. But don’t be critical of them when you’re getting to know each other. Virgo is hard enough on themselves and won’t want to be around someone who jabs them. 

Virgos loathe being singled out, so if you’re the type that wants to put your boo on a neon pedestal for all to see and worship, you better find a different sign. These personalities need to feel comfortable to be intimate and close, and nothing makes them feel more naked and exposed like being center stage. As known introverts, Virgos will only accept attention on their own terms, when and where they want it. Don’t even think about pressuring them into karaoke.

Finally, one of the first things detailed and meticulous Virgo will notice about you is your hygiene and personal style. You better be neat and tidy as a pin, or else Virgo will go running for the hills. Bad breath, greasy hair, chipped manicures and the like are the stuff of nightmares for clean and organized Virgo.