this liquid eyeliner has everlasting love.

by faran krentcil

We don't take "24-hour makeup" claims lightly - especially since, like many of you, we really do stay out all night. So when the CoverGirl Lineblast 24 Hour Eyeliner hit our desk yesterday, we immediately applied it for a major test drive.  Digital Director Faran Krentcil kept an eyeliner diary from the time of application - 6pm last night - until now.

6pm:  Just put on the eyeliner.  Feels like every other liquid eyeliner.  So far, so good.

7pm:  Grabbing pizza at Rubirosa.  Quick mirror check.  Yep, still on.

8:30pm: Minor makeout session with my boy before we head out.  When I jump up and say "Hang on - I need to check my makeup," he looks at me like I'm Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy.  "It's for a story!" I explain.  It doesn't really help, but hey, my eyeliner hasn't budged.

10pm: Improv Musical night at The Magnet Theater in Chelsea.  One of the brilliant (and twisted) performers is making up an entire ballad about being a minor character in Super Mario Brothers.  I'm laughing so hard, my eyes tear up - but the eyeliner stays.

Midnight:  Dive bar dancing.  Sobriety fading.  Eyeliner holding fast.

1am - 8am:  Actually, this part is none of your business.  But yes, when I climb out of bed, the eyeliner still looks good and freshly applied.

8:30am:  Shower.  Wash all my other makeup off with soap.  Eyeliner still there.  (The test patch on my hand comes off with Lancome makeup remover, but not plain Clean + Clear face wash - be warned.)

10am:  I close my eyes for Liza.  She confirms the eyeliner is still firmly in place.  Technically, we've still got seven waking hours to go, but unless I'm kidnapped by Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams and pushed through a car wash in my denim cutoffs, I think it's a safe bet that this eyeliner will easily last past its deadline. 

Not a bad bargain for $6.50 at the drugstore.

Night and...

Day! (Yes, I'm vampire-pale... sorry...)