Alli Simpson’s Best Tips For Self-Care

how this teenage sensation stays sane

by Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson is not your average teenager. At 17, she’s already made a name for herself as a source of inspiration in the lifestyle space—with 1.7 million Instagram followers, this Gold Coast native is certainly one to keep an eye on. Currently residing in L.A., Alli (whose name might sound familiar if you follow her brother, Cody Simpson—yes, that one) is our go-to girl for all things California cool: dating, self-care, beauty trends, and more. Stay tuned as we roll out tips straight from Alli herself. 

For her first column for us, Alli’s sharing her best secrets for self-care—how she takes care of herself in-between the chaos of her blossoming career. Read, below.

1. Practice Yoga

I started doing hot yoga right before Christmas holidays, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I try to do hot yoga every day or every other day with my mom and dad, or friends. It keeps me feeling flexible, vulnerable, and cleansed. It feels totally different from a more standard cardio workout—you walk out of that room feeling like a new person. 

2. Make Most of the Morning

I go for long early runs in the mornings alone, when it’s still dark and the sun is just coming up. I put my headphones in, listen to my favorite music, and get in a meditative and positive zone. It gets me set up for a great day ahead. My favorite songs to listen to right now are “Work” by Rihanna, “Formation” by Beyoncé, “Papa Don't Preach” by Madonna, “Fade” by Kanye West, and “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” by Mike Posner.

3. Write It Out

I like to keep a journal to just write down simple feelings, drawings, or thoughts that come to mind. I don’t think about it too much; journals don’t have to be taken too seriously. Just spill on the page.

4. Give Back 

Helping others is a huge part of my self-help and love. Giving back to others always makes you feel good within yourself. I have been announced as the new Teen Ambassador for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, visiting and performing at the hospitals around America. I also give back online by sharing my problems and insecurities online with my fans, and I help them with problems they ask me on private DM or e-mails. I’m also helping my Dad's new sexual abuse charity,, and SAFE [Sexual Abuse Forever Ending].

5. Make Time For Friends

I like to surround myself with positive people who care about me. When I'm around people who appreciate the person I truly am, it resonates with me. Hanging with my closest friends is one of my favorite things in the world—shopping, chatting, and going to cute little cafes. I’m all about it!

6. Eat Clean 

We all have our ups and downs with what we eat, but I’ve come to realize we are what we eat. The better the food we fill ourselves with, the better we are going to feel on the inside, and that will then show on the outside. I love salads, sushi, fruit, juices, smoothies—anything lean, green, and clean! But to keep ourselves from going insane we definitely need a little treat with friends here and there. A little fro-yo won’t hurt!  My two favorite dishes to make are seared salmon—I slice up a piece of Atlantic salmon and lightly sear it in a pan, with sesame oil, and a little soy [sauce] and wasabi—and for a snack, I love putting almonds in raspberries. 

7. Pamper Yourself  

Another thing I love to do, that makes me feel like I am really taking care of my body, is going to the spa. Sitting in saunas, mineral pools, and getting body scrubs. We must treat our bodies with the best care. We live with them every day. My favorite spa is Beverly Hot Springs, and my favorite treatment to do with my mom is the Body Scrub/Body Care Combo—it’s divine, and then we soak in the hot springs after it.

8. Unplug

Get off your phone! I know, I know. It seems impossible to not check Instagram, but sometimes you need to just relax. Social media can actually stress you out a ton. Paying attention to what everyone else is doing is fun, but not always healthy. Too much distraction is not a good thing. Once in a while, you need to put the technology away and have a fun night in with your family. Surround yourself with love. Avoiding the Internet will help you feel cleansed. You can start the next day with a clear, fresh mind—ready to take on whatever goal you’re working toward.