Watch the First 8 Minutes of ‘Aloha’

rom-com bliss

by nylon

It's either a great sign or a not-so-great sign that Sony has released the first eight minutes of the Cameron Crowe-directed Aloha online, ahead of its release in theates today. The clip sets up the entire film: Bradley Cooper is a military contractor returning to Hawaii for the first time since a catastrophic event in Kabul. Waiting for him is Rachel McAdams as the girl he left behind, Danny McBride as his goofball best bro, and Emma Stone as the go-getter Navy pilot he has no idea he's about to fall in love with.

Sony could either be really excited for you to see this movie that they just couldn't wait for you to buy your ticket, or they could be worried that reviews for this thing have been so awful that they're reminding you that reviews don't matter when Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper are in your movie. Either way, this thing looks charming, and if you're planning on seeing Aloha this weekend, feel free to show up eight minutes late.