Photo via @piercingsby_billy/Instagram

Instead Of Wedding Rings, People Are Now Embedding Gems Into Their Fingers

How deep is your love?

If you love someone, show it by embedding a gem into your ring finger. Now the world knows you're willing to shed some blood for your partner. That, dear friends, is commitment.

Thanks to Instagram, more and more people are getting finger dermal piercings instead of wearing engagement and wedding rings. The process is simple: A patch of skin is removed from the finger before the piercer inserts an implant-grade titanium anchor that the gem gets attached to, making it appear like the stone is embedded in the skin. A novel idea that is both neat and cringe-y at the same time.

Should someone with a dermal piercing want it removed, no problem. A professional piercer can extract the gem and anchor in seconds. That said, due to the location of these piercings, they are more prone to complications. Speaking with Allure, Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at NYC's Mount Sinai Hospital, says, "There is constant movement in the fingers, which could displace the piercing. Think about how many times we accidentally bang our hands against the side of the table or doorframe." 

Ouch. If rings aren't your vibe, do your research, find a professional piercer, and go from there. Or, I don't know, do like Beyoncé and Jay Z and get ring finger tattoos.