Actress BFFs Embark On A Weekend From Hell In The ‘Always Shine’ Trailer

Brace yourselves

by daniel barna

One of the most talked about films from this year's Tribeca Film Festival finally has a trailer. Always Shine is a twisty psychological thriller from Sophia Takal about what happens when two actress BFFs decide to put their lifelong competition aside for a weekend getaway, with the hopes of mending a friendship that's been systematically damaged by the high-pressure nature of their chosen profession.

Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire) and Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex) star as the warring thesps, and as two actresses on the rise, they've no doubt had their own harsh experiences navigating an industry that places such a high premium on unrealistic standards for women. But it's Takal, who also began her career an actress, who best articulated what she was trying to accomplish with this film during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Gender roles are expanding for women and for men, though there’s a less stringent idea of what we’re supposed to be as women. It’s still certainly something that haunts me and haunts other women that I speak to on a daily basis. It affects our relationships; it affects our relationship with ourselves.

She added:

I don’t want to speak for all women, because maybe some women don’t struggle with that… Mackenzie and Caitlin also felt a similar sense of alienation from this perfect ideal that was hoisted upon us ever since we were really little. But it also feels like it’s a time when people are more willing to talk about it and break those ideas and examine them, so I’m hoping this movie joins the conversation everyone is having about gender roles and hopefully adds something to it.

Always Shine hits select theaters on December 2. Watch the first trailer above.