photo by Getty Images/Monica Shipper

amber heard had the sexiest father’s day ever

make daddy proud

by harry charlesworth

When you think of Father’s Day, activities such as fishing, barbecues, trips to the movies, etc., easily come to mind. It’s a day meant to celebrate and show how special our dads really are to us. Amber Heard wanted to display her admiration for her dad just like the rest of us, so she chose to take her dad along on the most daddy-daughter-friendly excursion possible. Last night, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Amber revealed to the audience how she won “Greatest Daughter of The Year,” by bringing her father along to a Magic Mike XXL press conference this past Sunday.

I can only imagine the great family moments they spent with each other, while reporters asked Channing Tatum about his junk as clips of Amber surrounded by muscled go-go boys gyrating and twerking their moneymakers undoubtedly flashed before his proud gaze. It just goes to show that great parents are really there for you through anything, proud of everything you do. Here’s to more parents like Mr. Heard!