Shia LaBeouf And Sasha Lane “Like, Explore America” In The New ‘American Honey’ Trailer

Dream, baby, dream

Andrea Arnold's Cannes favorite American Honey is nearly ready to sweep the nation. A new trailer, fronted by the iconic American sounds of Bruce Springsteen, promises a visual, generation-defining treat. 

"Only a few times a generation does a film speak to youth in a lasting and powerful way," a voiceover reads as Arnold's lush, orange-tinted vision of America flashes across the screen. The voiceover is reading Ryland Aldrich's review for ScreenAnarchy, which feels odd in today's movie trailer landscape. But it adds a nice element of nostalgia, whether it's done ironically or not. There's a sentimentality that complements Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane's epic road trip across the States with a motley crew of traveling salespeople. In his review, Aldrich continues to say, "This film is about the American dream; that any possibility is open to each and every person, no matter what difficult circumstances brought them to this point." He cites how optimistic the nearly three-hour adventure is, saying, "Arnold and her team deserve the absolute highest praise for their achievement." 

That's quite the statement, but after watching the trailer a couple times over, it's not coming out of left field. Expect to get a taste American Honey come September 30 when it's released in theaters.