movie marathon: americana

    celebrate our america issue with the best 20 movies about the usa!

    by · November 04, 2013
    Happy November! This month marks the annual NYLON America issue--in other words, an entire edition packed with everything and everybody that’s awesome about all 50 states. Not only does this give us an excuse to plan a really epic road trip (wanna come?), but it’s an instant reason to watch the best American-themed movies.But let’s be real: it’s impossible to categorize “Americana” and stick with some hard and fast rule. It’s way more fun to round up our favorite stuff about growing up in America: traveling, Little Leagues, summer camps, small towns, and more. From The Little Rascals to True Grit, these flicks might be different, but one thing they share? They all deal with coming of age in the good ole’ USA. Hey, if anything, they’ll give you 20 rad options for your next night in. Click through the gallery below for our picks, and tell us your own on Facebook!
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