amerika trunks by tavik

    Just in case you get thrown in the pool...

    by · July 02, 2013

    July Fourth is right around the corner and if there’s one thing I learned from last year, it’s to always be prepared.  But what exactly is there to be prepared for, again? Consuming hot dogs at an Eater X type pace?  Possibly. Or knowing the best spot with the best view to watch the fireworks from?  Perhaps.  Both are perfectly reasonable.  But for us, it really comes down to making sure that we’re ready at all times to be tossed, shoved, or propelled into the pool by any number of our hooligan friends.  So to stay prepared, we figured that wearing the Amerika swim shorts by Tavik would be the best preparation.  Not only do they dry a hell of a lot quicker than the jeans we foolishly decided to wear last year, but the all-over American flag-inspired print is plenty festive without going overboard.  Grab yours HERE. But still, let’s be honest, we really hope we don’t get pushed into the pool again.

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