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amy poehler ditched her signature blonde locks

she’s red hot

by nylon

In her (clearly very hilarious) memoir Yes Please, Amy Poehler wrote, "Believe me, blonde hair can take you really far, especially with the older men. It can really distract from the face. I am convinced I could have had sex with both Tony Bennett and John McCain if we weren't each happily married at the time we all met." Yet, despite these very tempting side effects, Poehler decided to dye her signature blonde locks a copper red.

The comedian debuted her new look (complete with matching brows) in L.A. last night at The David Lynch Foundation's DLF Live Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's poem, "Howl." And while we have only seen how it looks under the harsh stage lights, it seems like the look suits her. Then again, we love everything that Poehler does, so we might be a bit biased.

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