anakonda speaker by k-array

The wildest looking speaker we’ve ever seen…

by Christian Lavery

K-array has made a speaker. Not exactly cover story material, we're aware. But to the defense of K-array, it’s not a boxed shaped sound-emitting device like the majority of them. Instead, the Anakonda KAN200 is a 6.6 foot long speaker that is a flexible, cord-like module that can be bent and twisted to fit every oddly shaped corner of your house while still keeping your ears plenty fulfilled. You can connect up to 32 modules to create a seamless line of speakers, and each module comes with one black and white sock to cover and protect the device. So if you’re not a traditionalist, or just want to mix things up with something a little outside the box, head on over HERE to check out the K-array innovative answer to the norm.